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Christmas At Pennington's is book 3 in the Pennington's department store series (all books can be read stand alone) and is the book I resolve the murder/mystery thread of the series. After all, catching a killer against the backdrop of an Edwardian Christmas provides an intriguing contrast of circumstances that I hope will keep readers turning the pages!

The theme of the series is female empowerment so the first challenge when I sat down to plot this book was deciding on a women's issue that I wanted to explore. Book 1 (The Mistress of Pennington's) covered women in business and book 2 (A Rebel At Pennington's) is set against the backdrop of women's suffrage.

For Christmas At Pennington's, I decided to tackle women and divorce in the early 20th century.

Cornelia Culford is the heroine of the story and when the book opens she has left her husband and living with her brother and sister in law. Her divorce hearing is looming, as is the custody hearing of her two young sons. She is terrified of losing her boys to her husband and his lover, Sophie Hughes.

While working at Pennington's, she becomes friendly with the new security watchman, Stephen Gower who is on leave from Scotland Yard and battling demons of his own. Soon the two of them join forces to help their employers, Elizabeth and Joseph track down a killer.

There is nothing I like more than combining romance and suspense and hope I have written a story that will surprise and delight!

Happy Reading!

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Christmas sees Pennington's at its most glorious, thronged with shoppers, its grand staircase and balcony adorned with holly, mistletoe, tinsel and lights. It should be the happiest time, but dramas are seething beneath the surface.
For Cornelia Culford, in charge of jewellery, a divorce hearing looms, where she could lose custody of her young sons to her overbearing and unfaithful husband.
For Stephen Gower, being head of security at Pennington's is the perfect refuge from a tragic past at Scotland Yard. But soon the past will call him back, as Joseph Carter and Elizabeth Pennington beg him to help solve the murder of Joseph's first wife, now that it seems as if the killer has struck again.
For Joseph and Elizabeth, their marriage depends on exorcising the past. But can it ever be laid to rest?

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