Ten Things Anyone Can Accomplish By Writing A Novel…

     1)    You have achieved something not many people will
     2) You will have started on a spiritual course that could be the making of you
     3) You have explored an issue that matters to you and undoubtedly will to others
     4) You can introduce yourself as a writer
     5) If you have reached out to other writers during your journey, it is likely you have made at least one friend for life
     6)   You have created something your children can treasure
     7) You are well on your way to learning a new craft
     8) Once you find the courage to submit your work to an agent or publisher, you are taking a leap of faith – something every successful person has done in the past.
     9)   You have explored characters of your own making and know them intimately
     10) You have discovered dedication, commitment and tenacity – something every human being should strive for.

Doesn’t this sound like someone you want to be? I absolutely adore my job, or rather, my calling. I really feel that I was meant to write; it is why I am here. Do you feel the same and want to make 2020 the year that you purposefully start the journey of becoming a published writer and fulfilling your dream?

I would love to help you on your way to success – I started my First Chapter Critique Service in September and already have some very happy customers!

Stop by my website for all the details – let’s make 2020 YOUR year…

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