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Scene from Millie by AnneMarie Brear.

Jeremy Remington twitched his shoulders as though his officer’s uniform didn’t fit correctly, but of course it did for it was made by the best tailor in London’s Savile Row. The coolness of the church calmed him somewhat, not that he was nervous. He didn’t get nervous. Well, not normally, but then, it wasn’t every day that you got married.


He still couldn’t believe it. He was getting married. And to Millie Marsh, the one lady he thought he would never have. His heart did a little flip as it always did when he thought of her.

How long?

How long had he admired her, Lionel’s eldest daughter? He’d watched her mature from a young lady into a beautiful woman and the whole time he never expected to be the one to take her hand in marriage. He assumed she’d be snapped up the minute she turned eighteen, but the years went by and the war took away the world they were used to. When the war ended, he eventually returned home, eager to see the woman she had become in his absence, and he wasn’t disappointed. Millie had turned twenty-three during the summer and it only took one look, a few seconds in her company the day he called to visit them, and he knew it was time. His time to make a move.

He’d been patient long enough. He’d wanted her long enough. Discreet enquiries gave him the answers he sought. She wasn’t waiting for anyone to return to her. She’d spent the war doing the good deeds women of her class did at such times, for her father had forbidden her to join the nursing corp, which apparently had been her desire. And he was glad she’d been stopped.

 He shuddered slightly. The thought of his lovely Millie seeing the atrocities he’d witnessed filled him with cold fear.

He quickly cleared his head of the images that threatened to blind him. No, not today. Today was a joyous occasion. His wedding day. The nightmares could wait, as he knew they would, ready to grab him in the darkness and choke him. God, could he put Millie through it? Should he have told her? Would she despise him for crying out into the night, for his shakes?

‘Ready, Rem?’ His best man, Isaacs, joined him by the altar, smiling hesitantly, looking as anxious as though he was the one making his vows.

‘I’m ready.’ He nodded once, determined to not let his emotions show. He was more than ready to take a wife, to take Millie, to start a life that would fill him, fill the emptiness that had opened up inside him since the war finished. No, he wasn’t going to think of the war today. It was done, over. Now it was time for new beginnings. A new life with Millie. If anything could help banish his night terrors it would be her. The sweet smell of her, the soft feel of her lying beside him would cure his dreams, he was certain of it.

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AnneMarie Brear has been a life-long reader and started writing in 1997 when her children were small. She has a love of history, of grand old English houses and a fascination of what might have happened beyond their walls. Her interests include reading, genealogy, watching movies, spending time with family and eating chocolate - not always in that order!

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