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It's hard to know where to start with this review as every part of A RATION BOOK CHILDHOOD is WONDERFUL! I first discovered Jean's books in 2010 with the fabulous A Glimpse of Happiness and promptly fell in love with Patrick Nolan (if you haven't read the Nolan family series you MUST!).

A RATION BOOK CHILDHOOD is the first book I have read in this series but I will definitely be reading the first two books as soon as possible. This book can easily be read as a standalone.

Jean Fullerton has an amazing talent for writing wonderful characters, events that resonate and that are filled with deep emotion, all set against a WWII backdrop that she skilfully brings to life. From love to heartbreak, humour to sadness and real-life to imagination, this book has it all and I absolutely devoured it. There are so many stand out characters in this brilliant story but, for me, it was the matriarch Queenie who I absolutely loved!

Pick up this book now and lose yourself in the trials, laughs and tribulations of the Brogan family - you won't regret it. Jean writes beautifully and delivers a perfect read!

A Ration Book Childhood
In the darkest days of the Blitz, family is more important than ever.
With her family struggling amidst the nightly bombing raids in London's East End, Ida Brogan is doing her very best to keep their spirits up. The Blitz has hit the Brogans hard, and rationing is more challenging than ever, but they are doing all they can to help the war effort.
When Ida's oldest friend Ellen returns to town, sick and in dire need of help, it is to Ida that she turns. But Ellen carries a secret, one that threatens not only Ida's marriage, but the entire foundation of the Brogan family. Can Ida let go of the past and see a way to forgive her friend? And can she overcome her sadness to find a place in her heart for a little boy, one who will need a mother more than ever in these dark times?
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Jean Fullerton is the author of twelve novels all set in East London where she was born. She also a retired district nurse and university lecturer.  She won the Harry Bowling prise in 2006 and after initially signing for two East London historical series with Orion she moved to Corvus, part of Atlantic Publishing and is half way through her WW2 East London series featuring the Brogan family.
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