Butlins…here we come!

I consider myself very lucky to still be best friends with someone I met when I was just four years old. Lisa lived across the street from me and we became fast friends the moment our parents started letting us play outside…times were different in the late 70s!

Forty-one years later and we are still friends and also fortunate enough that our husbands have known each other since they were eleven. The four of us have been pretty inseparable since we started double-dating in 1993.

Our favourite thing to do, now our kids are older, is to take an annual trip to Butlins for their 80s weekends. These are the times we let loose, the music making us feel like teenagers again – I would go as far to say that we might even lose our minds a little bit!

Dressing up in costume, having fun and remembering what it is like to be young is what the four of us are all about and I love our best friends with all my heart…

Our annual Butlins jaunt is coming up this weekend and I can’t wait to see the likes of T’Pau, Five Star, Kim Wilde perform as well as tribute bands for Michael Jackson, Queen, Level 42 and Madonna.

I will make sure I share lots of pics!

Do you have any traditions you do with your best friends??

Rachel x

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