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Hi, saga lovers! 

I’m Kellie Butler, otherwise known as the author of The Laurelhurst Chronicles series, and I’m so pleased to be on Rachel’s blog for #SagaSaturday!  Thank you so much, Rachel!

I just released The Broken Tree, the third book in the Laurelhurst saga on August 1st, and I’m chuffed to bits to share it with you. šŸ˜Š My series chronicles the Cavert from the beginning of the second world war through the late twentieth century, primarily through heroine Lydia (she’s Lydie to everyone that knows her) and  her brother, Edward. Throughout the series, Lydie and Edward delve into the mysterious, and sometimes sordid, past of their family’s estate, Laurelhurst Manor, set in the Ribble Valley of Lancashire.

In the first book, Beneath a Moonless Sky, Lydie uncovers the identity of who actually killed her aunt when she was only five years old, and must bring the culprit to justice during the midst of WWII Britain.  She’s brave, even if it means turning in a family member. In Before the Flood, Lydie and her brother Edward have left her dark days at Laurelhurst behind for the bright lights and beckoning call of post-war New York as she studies fine art. There, she meets the lover of her live, Henry Bainbridge (her brother’s colleague and best friend), all while trying to escape the clutches of the sinister family connected to her aunt’s murder.

Lydie has lived in peace and safety in America with her husband and children until 1959, when she receives word that an servant who looked after her during her time at Laurelhurst is ill, and she must come home in The Broken Tree.  While facing down her painful memories of her time there, she uncovers another dark chapter rooted in the days of the Lancashire Witch Trials that exposes the truth behind the long-held feud between the Caverts and family that’s had Lydie in their sights since she was thirteen.

The Broken Tree is a cautionary tale on how easy it is for us to say things to people we love within the heat of the moment that can cause devastating, and sometimes irreparable, damage.  Sometimes it’s a tragedy between neighbors and friends that become rivals. Many times, though, it erupts from a heated argument between family members. It’s something so many of us can relate to. How many families have cut contact with other members over exposed jealousy and resentment when caring for an aging parent? How often do we estrange ourselves over who we thought our loved ones would have wanted things? Just how well do we think we know the people that we love when trails test us?  

How strong are our bonds?

For the Caverts and the Cutterworths, what began as a strong friendship during the early seventeenth century resulted in tragedy over the loss of a beloved daughter and servant. For Lydie and Edward, the question over the leadership of Laurelhurst and the future of Lydie’s children is put to the test.

If you would like to read samples of the first trilogy, just head over to my website: to preview it on Kindle.  You may also purchase the eBooks via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple books.  Paperbacks are available via Amazon or through my website. šŸ˜Š

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Thanks so much for letting me share the Cavert family with you!


An anxious homecoming. A three-hundred-year-old curse. A betrayal that threatens to tear the Cavert and Bainbridge families apart. Welcome home to Laurelhurst.

Lancashire, Summer 1959. Fifteen years ago, Lydie Cavert Bainbridge left the dark memories of her youth at Laurelhurst Manor behind her.

Now thirty-two, an expectant Lydie returns with her family of five with two goals: to protect her children from her horrific experience at Laurelhurst and to spend a peaceful summer before the arrival of her fourth child.

When Lydie comes across an ancient oak tree split in the middle on the edge of the estate, an old secret from three hundred years ago involving an enemy is revealed, along with  specters of the past she had hoped to leave behind.

As the tree casts a shadow upon the house and loyalties are tested, Lydie must choose between the love she holds for her family and the love for her brother. Can the Cavert family stay together, or will splinter like the tree found on the moors?

About Kellie:
Kellie Butler is an Amazon bestselling author and creator of the Laurelhurst Chronicles family saga including Beneath a Moonless Sky, Before the Flood, and The Broken Tree.
A freelance writer and paralegal, Kellie enjoys classic film, vintage fashion, cooking, yoga, and knitting. She lives in Mississippi with her family and her cocker spaniel, Chip. To connect with her, visit her website where you’ll find links to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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