Inspire Me!!

I recently read a biography on Mary, Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser - I love Ms Fraser's biographies and this one didn't disappoint!

Being mildly (understatement!) obsessed with the Tudor era, I started reading this book before all the publicity and release of the new film starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. I am looking forward to watching the film, but it's books and documentaries about the Tudor era that really enthral me.

The relationship between Mary, Queen of Scot and Elizabeth I is fascinating but, for me, it's more than that which inspires me and makes (for me) Mary such a formidable woman. Sent to France as a child, she really grew up French and was more familiar with France than she would have been Scotland. When she returned to the UK to claim her rightful place on the Scottish throne, she must have been as afraid as she was determined.

It's this iron-clad determination that inspires me about Mary, Queen of Scots - there is nothing I like more than finding or reading about women who have, or had, the courage to step out of the norm, to do things the men and society around them find admirable, yet terrifying. Its these women that constantly make me look at my own life and realise where I'm shying away...holding back my own success through fear.

I salute you, Mary and all you did and could've done if you hadn't made those around you so very afraid...

Happy Inspiration Day!

Rachel x

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  1. Have not been to see the film but did catch the trailer and sensed two formidable characters locking horns. Have you read any of Phillipa Gregory's novels? She wrote several on the Tudors - particularly loved The Virgin's Lover which was about Elizabeth and Robert Dudley. Hope to see you at the next Chapter Evening.