Time to start book no 24!

Every time I begin a new book I wonder how I managed to do it before! Ask most authors and they will tell you writing a new book never gets any easier. There is a nasty rumour that romance authors have a secret formula - a closely guarded secret to pull together a new story without barely having to think about it.

I can't stress enough how UNTRUE this rumour is!

Writing is tough. It's hard. It NEVER gets easier...in fact, I'd say with every book I write, it gets harder. The pressure I put myself under to produce a book better than the last is so deeply embedded in my desire and psyche that it threatens to stop me even beginning to plot the next book.

Yet, I can't turn away. Writing is a compulsion. A passion that I doubt will ever fade.

So, the first step is to find a subject. An issue. Something I want to say.

Pennington's book 4 is due to my editor in the summer and I haven't done anything more than put a few notes in a file. The idea for this book is still brewing and I don't feel confident enough to start pulling it together yet. So, I've decided to act on the voices of a trio of heroines who have been bugging me to write their stories for over a year. My inspiration? The wonderful Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly!

This new trilogy will be contemporary romances set in Manhattan which is a new step into the unknown for me - every book I've written has been set in the UK. These books will be shorter than I usually write but, hopefully, each will pack a punch of love, romance and female empowerment as much as any of my previous books.

I love my job and, hopefully, you'll love my new project - I'm going in!

Rachel x

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