Inspire Me!

I first discovered a young Kate Winslet when I watched Sense & Sensibility in which she starred alongside the incomparable Emma Thompson. Kate was only twenty years old when the film released and has worked consistently and admirably ever since.

Of course, it was the success of Titanic which followed two years later (1997) that shot her to fame.

Throughout her career, Kate has been nominated and won many accolades. Nominated for seven Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress Academy awards - she won the Best Actress for her role in The Reader in 2009...still only 34 years old.

Not only does Kate Winslet inspire me for her talent, tenacity, dignity and grace, she is also just a year younger than me and although our generation has felt the pressure to look younger, no matter our age (the pressure in Hollywood must be unbearable!), Kate has always advocated that women embrace themselves as they are.

Often cited as a 'curvy woman' in Hollywood's view, for me, she is the epitome of femininity with a hefty dose of sexiness and allure. Her outspokenness in women's rights and diet have been published throughout the media and she has successfully won a number of lawsuits where magazines have made false claims about her diet or exercise regimes and, most famously, her retaliation when a magazine photo-shopped images of her without her permission.

A woman to be admired, I truly believe Kate Winslet will remain on our screens for many, many years to come... and I, for one, am very glad!

Happy Inspiration Day!

Rachel x

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