Why We Love Festive Romance...

As an avid romance reader and writer, I love all sub-genres of romance from contemporary to historical, romantic suspense to time travel. The choice for romance readers is vast, but there is nothing better than when we come to October/November and festive romances are released by publishers looking to make a splash on the Christmas market.

So why do romance readers love festive romance?

For me, reading a festive romance where soft snow, twinkling fairy lights and mulled wine are prevalent and the author conjures images of how Christmas is supposed to look, rather than the often grey, murky, rainy season we tend to suffer, is all it takes to sell me a festive romance. Added to this, is the wonderful opportunity to watch the hero and heroine fall in love.

Based on a novel by Teri Wilson
You only have to consider the success of Hallmark's Christmas movie channel (especially in the US) to know the demand for 'feel good' romances is at an all-time high around Christmas time. Our lives turn manic this time of year. Work doesn't stop, housework isn't miraculously taken care of and the dog still needs to be walked. Yet, on top of our normal 'to do' list, there are presents to buy, food to order, decorations to be put up, family to visit, Christmas parties...the list goes on!

Is it any wonder during our stressed-out, slightly hysterical, state that we turn to books that provide the ultimate escapism, yet envelope us in an ambience of the season? I think not.

I'm lucky enough to be writing a Christmas story for 2019 as we speak and, as a lot of romance readers know, it's very rare that we write seasonal books during the actual season. Before now, I have had to immerse myself in Christmas during the hottest days ever recorded in the UK. However, this year, my submission plan to my editor was thought out in advance and it's working out very well indeed! Look out for Pennington's book 3 next Autumn :)

Happy Reading, lovelies!

Rachel x

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