Inspire Me... Helen Mirren

This week's Inspire Me! is focused on awesome actress and all-round awesome woman, Helen Mirren.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Helen Mirren? For me, it's strength, sass, sexiness and intellect all within the skin of a beautiful woman.

Helen has not only used her status as one of our most amazing actresses to help others in the art, she has used her deserved platform to voice her opinions, views and criticisms of the world as a whole. A staunch feminist, Helen is all about learning, teaching and reaching for your stars, whatever they might be.

"Fear sometimes stops you from doing stupid things, but it can also stop you from doing creative or exciting or experimental things. It can cloud your judgement of others, and lead to all kinds of evil. The control and understanding of our personal fears is one of the most important undertakings in our life."

This quote of Helen's resonates with me on such a fundamental level, it's like a kick in the gut every time I read it. Fear is the basis of everything that stops us from being learned, understanding and making a life that is huge and uniquely ours.

Why not spend this weekend identifying how fear is holding you back in your life? How it skews your views of others and their actions? If you really think about it, fear is the centre of everything that is wrong in our lives.

Go live and be happy!

Happy Inspiration Day,

Rachel x

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