Inspire Me...Marilyn Monroe

This week's Inspire Me! is all about actress, screen icon and generally phenomenal woman, Marilyn Monroe.

I'm not even sure where to start with explaining how I feel about Marilyn Monroe. She was complex, talented, beautiful and, ultimately, determined to succeed. Somehow she managed to be a man's woman and a woman's woman. Fascinating, interesting and inspiring, Marilyn Monroe fought the odds to prove someone born with outstanding beauty can also have a brain, ambition, business-savvy and iron grit.

As much as producers, fellow actors and directors tried to contain Marilyn in a box of their own making, she fought to be free to execute her art and skills on her terms and in her way. She embraced knowledge through books, took acting lessons and speech lesson to improve her craft and built relationships she hoped would benefit her professionally AND personally.

She had many lessons to teach as we strive to achieve our goals in life - from work, to relationships, to risk and failure, Marilyn Monroe tread every board in her too short life.

Taken at a time when she seemed to be on the precipice of making her mark as a serious actress, I often think of Marilyn when I'm ready to give up on my writing, see myself as not good enough or not getting where I want to be fast enough.

She was wise, beautiful (inside and out) and a woman who should never, ever be forgotten.

Sleep well, lovely lady...

Happy Inspiration Day!

Rachel x

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