America and it's inspiration in my writing...

I’m such a fan of US TV and books that I was recently asked “If you could go to any US city/region to research a book, where would it be and why?”

Such a great question!

I have thought about this a lot for years – so far I have only been to Manhattan in New York for four manic days and nights. As much as I loved my trip, where I really want to go is Washington.

I am obsessed with American history and feel this is one of the places where I will become really immersed and properly educated. My imagination and knowledge of Washington and its history is mostly fueled by what I see on TV and what I’ve read in numerous biographies and non-fiction books…so how much is true to real-life? I look forward to finding out.

Shows like Scandal and The West Wing have had me glued to the screen for years and when I think of all the presidents, their achievements and history, everything intrigues and fascinates me.

There are so many past presidents whom I’d love to learn more about and how they came to such an incredible and powerful position. I love to think one day I’ll write a blockbuster of a novel set in Washington.

From Washington, I would then travel to Boonsboro, Maryland. I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan and, her and Jill Shalvis, are probably the biggest influences on my writing and career. I would love to visit Robert’s husband’s bookshop, having timed it right so I get to one of Nora’s booksignings and then stay in one of the fantastic, literary-themed rooms at her hotel in Boonsboro.

Washington and Boonsboro are first on my list but there are many, many other places in the US I’d love to visit and write about my experiences in future novels.  New England looks beautiful, I have a dear and close friend in San Antonio, Texas as well as desperately wanting to visit Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta…Gone With The Wind is my all-time favorite book.

Fingers crossed, I will visit all these places through my lifetime but, in the meantime, I have many friends in the US and the World Wide Web, so, next on my writing agenda is a trilogy set in New York…watch this space!

Rachel x

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