A few revelations about me...

Recommendations: I recommend a documentary recently aired on British TV called Nicholas and Alexandra presented by one of my favourite historians Suzanna Lipscomb – discussing the lives and reign of Russia’s last Imperial family through the surviving love letters written between the Tsar and his devoted wife. Fascinating re-telling of a well-known part of history…

Reservations: Any reality TV “starring” late teens/earlier twenties men and women who can’t seem to string a sentence together without swearing. How these programmes continue to be made astounds me.

Remarkables: Looking forward to reading books from two of my all-time favourite authors! The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory and Come Sundown by Nora Roberts.

Favourites: My husband and daughters, sunshine, the beautiful, picturesque villages around Snowdonia in Wales, cruises, dogs (including my beloved chocolate Lab, Tyler), knitting and watching far too many US crime dramas and British period dramas.

Frustrations: Prejudice in any form, cruelty, bullying, ignorance and on a lighter note, housework, broccoli and book revisions!

Fabulous: My close friends, holidaying abroad, my amazing author friends who keep me sane and writing books for a living.

Best and Worst Writing Advice I ever received…                
Best – “Give yourself permission to write a ‘crappy’ first draft.”
This simple piece of advice changed my entire prospective and output as a novelist.

Worst advice – “Give up now…you’ll never be published.” Anonymous contest judge circa 2005
Hmm, I’ll let this one go by without comment…

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