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This month's review is for Belgravia by Julian Fellowes.

Originally published in online instalments, Belgravia is set 1840s London and the sought after area of Belgravia. The story revolves around two families brought together through a scandalous pregnancy, the following illegitimate child and what happens when the little boy grows up.

At first, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book and I'm not sure why considering how much I love the era. Having that said that, by the second part, I was hooked and read the book quickly and thoroughly enjoyed watching these families cover their tracks, try to expose others and, ultimately, working together.

All the usual Julian Fellowes ingredients are included - upstairs, downstairs, money and not so much money. Belgravia is a fun, roller-coaster read that I recommend to fans of Downton Abbey, the early Victorian era or those who enjoy a good period yarn.

Happy Reading!

Rachel x

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