Bucket Lists - let's have some fun!!

What are 5 items on your bucket list?

I am ALWAYS dreaming about things I want to do one day so here’s my list (in no particular order – I’ll be happy whenever they happen!)

1)     Go to Boonsboro, Maryland and attend a Nora Roberts signing and stay in the Jane and Rochester room – I am avid Nora Roberts fan and Jane Eyre is my favorite classic romance.

2)     Travel to Alaska and see the Northern Lights – Alaska has always fascinated me and I love the idea of all the snow outside and me sipping a nice glass of wine inside, lol!

3)     Graceland – I’m a HUGE Elvis fan and would love to see the home he adored so much.

4)     Richard Branson’s Necker Island….Hire the whole island for me, my hubby, teenager daughters and are closest friends and family. Why not?? It’s good to dream big, right?

5)     Buy a bigger house in England’s beautiful countryside where I can write all day and have plenty of land to walk, what will be, five dogs with all that lovely space!

So that's mine - what are your dream things to do??

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