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Hot Blooded Gunslinger Meets His Match
in this Feisty Lady Pinkerton
By Adrienne deWolfe, National Bestselling Author

When I set out to write my Lady Pinkerton character, Sadie Michelson, I wanted her to be a kick-butt heroine, who would make readers cheer. I cut my teeth on action-adventure movies as a kid, and I wanted to write a female, who could be a “John Wayne” type of character, without sacrificing her sensuality or femininity. 
Needless to say, Sadie is not the kind of woman who would be happy, sipping tea in a Victorian drawing room. No, Sadie is more about competing with men in a man’s world – and beating them at their own game. Her playing field is the American Wild West, where she must use all her wits and wiles to survive as a crack shot and a master of disguise.
In my Lady Law & The Gunslinger series, Sadie has all kinds of interesting adventures (including jumping out of a burning brothel.) But my favorite scenes show her butting heads with her outlaw lover, William “Cass” Cassidy (better known as “Eros in Spurs.)
Below, you’ll find the quintessential Sadie snippet, where she turns the tables on “Eros in Spurs.” Enjoy the following sneak peek from Book 2, Dance to the Devil’s Tune.

Sneak Peek
Dance to the Devil’s Tune
Book 2
Lady Law & The Gunslinger Series
By Adrienne deWolfe

(Scene Set Up: The book is set in Denver, 1883. Cass has just sneaked inside Sadie’s darkened hotel room.)
“Looking for someone, mister?” her voice was harsh.
Cass’s lips twitched. “They call her the Devil’s Daughter.”
A moment passed. Then a light bloomed at her elbow. She was lounging in an armchair, her chestnut mane spilling to her waist, lacy rosettes cascading from her breasts. The skimpy threads left little to his imagination. But what captivated Cass in that moment -– what had always captivated Cass about Sadie -– was the sensual fire burning in those hungry, tiger eyes.
“I got word you wanted me,” he said.
He hiked an eyebrow.

“But since you made the trip,” she said huskily, her trigger finger never wavering on her .32, “take off your clothes…” 

in Texas

Law and the Gunslinger Series Book 1

Adrienne deWolfe


Historical Romance


Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a casino singer to investigate a Texas
Senator. Before she can cozy up to her quarry, she must get past his
bodyguard, William Cassidy, her long-lost lover.

outlaw seeking redemption, Cass was lured to Texas by the promise of
a Ranger badge. But he hasn’t forgotten the sassy siren, who toyed
with his heart. When Sadie proposes a truce, Cass suspects she’s
hiding something.


assassins dogging their heels, Cass and Sadie uncover a murder
conspiracy in the senate. To stay alive, they must do the one thing
they’re dead set against: trust each other.

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to the Devil's Tune

Law and the Gunslinger Series Book 2


music creates mindless puppets, who commit crimes at his command. To
lure the sinister jewel thief out of hiding, Pinkerton Agent Sadie
Michelson poses as a wealthy widow.

for her safety, William “Cass” Cassidy, her hotheaded lover,
hatches his own plot to end Maestro’s killing spree. But his daring
gamble backfires and costs him Sadie’s trust.

Cass is on the run, hunted by Maestro and the Pinkertons. Torn
between her mission and her gunslinging lover, Sadie must stop Cass’s
showdown with Maestro, or she’ll lose her badge—and her man.

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3, The Devil Plays with Fire coming soon!


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