My Monthly Book Review...

This month's book review is for His Ballerina Bride by Teri Wilson.

This is the first book in the Drake Diamond trilogy and, I have to say, I absolutely LOVED it! It is the first Harlequin Special Edition I have read and know it won't be my last. This book every romance reader wants in a novel, a solid plotline, high emotion, great tear-jerking moments and a couple of brilliantly written love scenes.

I thoroughly enjoyed His Ballerina Bride from start to finish and look forward to reading the next two books, His Princess Problem and It Started With A Diamond.

Dealing with a serious medical issue in a romance is not easy, but Teri Wilson tackles it beautifully and with real heart-wrenching reality. The tragedy which leads to the heroine having to change her life should've been devastating but this book brings light, laughter and love to a whole new life full of opportunities and hope.

Read this book!

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