My Monthly Book Review - The Devil's Workshop by Alex Grecian

The Devil's Workshop is the third book in Alex Grecian's fabulous Victorian crime series (Scotland Yard Murder Squad) and I enjoyed this instalment as much as I did The Yard and The Black Country. As fabulous as the plot is with this book, it is the characters that keep me coming back to Grecian's books.

He has created a fabulous cast with Inspector Walter Day leading the way among the first police to work in London's grim and dangerous Whitechapel. The Devil's Workshop brings us closer than ever to the Ripper - or is he? Fabulous action, prose, setting and pace kept me turning the pages and finishing the book in record time.

At times, the scenes can be pretty gruesome, but not gratuitously so...the violence on these pages is as close to 19th century Whitechapel as you can get and only made me wish harder than ever for the conclusion and capture of the villains involved. Continuing characters throughout the series means the reader begins to truly understand and care about these characters despite their evil.

A truly great read and one I highly recommend - I very much look forward to reading the next in the series, The Harvest Man.

Bravo, Alex Grecian!

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