Send me across the pond!!

I’m such a fan of US TV and books that I was recently asked “If you could go to any US city/region to research a book, where would it be and why?”

Such a great question!

I have thought about this a lot for years – so far I have only been to Manhattan in New York for four manic days and nights. As much as I loved my trip, where I really want to go is Washington.

I am obsessed with American history and feel this is one of the places where I will be become really immersed and properly educated. My imagination and knowledge of Washington and its history is mostly fueled from what I see on TV and what I’ve read in numerous biographies and non-fiction book…so how much is true to real-life, I look forward to finding out.

Shows like Scandal and The West Wing have had me glued to the screen for years and when I think of all the presidents, their achievements and history everything intrigues and fascinates me in equal measure.

There are so many past presidents that I would love to learn more about and how they came to such an incredible and powerful position. I love to think one day I will write a blockbuster of a novel set in Washington.

From Washington, I would then travel to Boonsboro, Maryland. I am a huge Nora Roberts fan and I have to say her and Jill Shalvis are probably the biggest influences of my writing and career. I would love to visit her husband’s bookshop, having timed it right so I get to one of Nora’s booksignings and then stay in one of the fantastic, literary-themed room at her hotel, Inn Boons Boro.

Washington and Boonsboro are first on my list but there are many, many other places in the US I would love to visit and write about my experiences in future novels.  New England looks beautiful, I have a dear and close friend in San Antonio, Texas as well as desperately wanting to visit Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta…Gone With The Wind is my all-time favorite book.

Fingers crossed, I will visit all these places through my lifetime. I can’t wait!

Rachel x

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