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 Welcome to my blog, Rachel! I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your books - wishing you many sales and much success with your latest release, The Many Colours of Us. Let's kick off with my questions...

1.)              What is the strangest talent you have?
I couldn’t think of an answer to this. I asked my boyfriend if I had one and he said no. I write all my books in my head before I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) if that counts!

2.)              What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
When I was six my mum and I dressed up as witches, we made googly eyes out of egg boxes and scary teeth out of orange peel. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the full effect.

3.)              Are the titles of your books important?
Yes, but not the way I write them! I can never think of titles for my books so they tend to be called Book 1, Book 2 etc! My publishers come up with the titles, and they are brilliant. When they told me this book was going to be called The Many Colours of Us, I cried. So yes, they are important but some things are better left to the experts (in my case at least).

4.)              If you’re struggling with a scene or difficult character, what methods help you through it?
If I’m struggling with a scene or have a resistance to writing a certain chapter, I leave myself a few notes about that chapter and move on to something that is more fun to write. In every book, there are scenes or chapters that I’m reluctant to write, sometimes because they are difficult or need more research, sometimes because they’re upsetting, sometimes because when I get to them I realise that I haven’t thought them through. The trick is to keep writing.

If I’m really struggling with a particular character I write them a CV; I already know what they look like so I start with that – height, hair colour, middle name etc etc. Then I move onto likes and dislikes, favourite films, favourite music, favourite food – I’ve found some surprising things out about my characters that way.

5.)              Do you prefer dog, cats or none of the above?

Cats – I have three!

6.)              Who’s your favourite author? Why?
Stephen King. I’ve read everything he’s written with the exception of the Dark Tower books which I’ve never been able to get into. I love character development and King is so good at that. Every character, however small has a back story – I know that drives some people mad but I love it. Dickens was good at that too.

King’s “On Writing” is probably my most read book. Most people are surprised to discover I don’t write horror!

7.)              Do you have a pet peeve?
I can’t bear it when people use am/pm but also tell us whether it’s morning or afternoon e.g. It was 3am in the morning… URGH YOU DON’T NEED BOTH!! Sorry.

8.)              Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning? Very rarely. I know I must dream and I know sometimes I wake up with a vague feeling of dis-ease but I probably remember a dream about once a year or so and they are never particularly spectacular.

The Many Colours of Us 

Blurb: What if your life was built on lies?
Julia Simmonds had never been bothered about not knowing who her father was. Having temperamental supermodel, Philadelphia Simmonds, as a mother was more than enough. Until she discovers she’s the secret love-child of the late, great artist Bruce Baldwin,  and her life changes forever.
Uncovering the secrets of a man she never knew, Julia discovers that Bruce had written her one letter, every year until her eighteenth birthday, urging his daughter to learn from his mistakes. As Julia begins to dig deeper into the mysterious past of her parents, opening up a history she’d never have imagined, but as she discovers the truth she needs to decide if she is willing to forgive and forget?

Author Bio: Rachel Burton has been making up stories since she first learned to talk, prodigiously early. In 2013 she finally started making one up that was worth writing down.
She has a BA in Classics and an MA in English and has never really known what to do when she grew up. She has worked as a waitress, a legal secretary, a yoga teacher and a paralegal. She never quite made it to law school.
She grew up in Cambridge and London but now lives in Leeds with her boyfriend and three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes

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