10 things that drive me absolutely insane...

I thought I'd use my weekend post to vent some frustration...love to know what drives you insane too!

1)    Prejudice – in any shape or form, it makes me see red! I am a dangerous woman to be around when anyone infers or says anything offensive.

2)    Melting paperbacks – I usually take seven books on a two week holiday, last year only three survived the heat.

3)    A bad listener – people who interrupt, talk over someone else or generally look at anything or anyone other than the person speaking

4)    Fear – Of doing anything that has the potential to increase happiness or success. I am a bigger annoyance to myself with this one than anything!

5)    Cancelled TV shows – HATE it when I love a series and it’s cancelled without warning. Grrr…

6)    Snoring…yes, I’m married to a snorer

7)    Dishwasher – I love my dishwasher, but hate that my teenage kids can’t seem to figure out that the dishes will not jump of their own accord from the kitchen counter into the washer.

8)    Laundry basket – again, I love my laundry basket, but hate that my kids are pretty good at dropping their clothes in the general vicinity but never in the basket.

9)    People driving whilst on their phones – why?? Are you insane?

10)  The fact I’m not superwoman and can’t do everything!

That's me...over to you!!

Rachel xx

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