Meeting Nora Roberts at beautiful Ashford Castle, Ireland…

Occasionally, something happens in your life that you will never forget for as long as you live. One such thing happened to me in August 2014.

I am a HUGE Nora Roberts/JD Robb fan and have been for years. As I live in England, my chances of ever meeting her were slim to say the least. So when I had an advertisement flash up on my computer screen that she would be doing a one-time book signing in Ireland, I clicked on it immediately.

The venue was a beautiful 5 star, luxury castle hotel in County Mayo. The event would be afternoon tea with Nora, followed by an interview and book signing. The cost of flights and a night at the hotel wasn’t cheap and I didn’t hold out much hope, but I asked (begged!) my husband anyway.

He said he was sorry, but we couldn’t justify the money…

And then he went on to surprise me later that evening saying he’d booked the flights, the tea and a night in the hotel!!

I darn near fainted!

It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more – I got to meet and chat with Nora at the signing, and again later in the hotel as she walked through the bar. My life was complete!

The hotel and its gardens were stunning and I truly didn’t want to leave – an unforgettable day and night.

Now, how can I persuade my husband to fly to Boonsboro, Maryland for a Nora book signing and a night in her hotel…

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