Introducing Raphael's Fling by Alix Nichols...


a swoony

bad-boy hero, laugh-out-loud moments 
and a happily-ever-after

A Darcy Brother's Romance

Alix Nichols
Released Nov 17th, 2016

My name

is Mia Stoll and I dream about publishing a monograph on medieval Paris.

Problem is, I’m better qualified for writing a handbook on how to go from a

budding scholar to a pregnant runaway in three easy steps. 

- - -
My sister Eva carries a torch for the wrong man. Here’s the gist of my sermons

to her: “Drooling over your hunky astronaut boss is a loser’s trek to Calamity

with three stops along the way: Heartbreak, Job Loss, and Spinsterhood.”
The thing is, I’m in a terrible—you could even say impossible—position to
lecture Eva.
I’m attracted to my own boss.

Raphael d’Arcy is funny, smart, and uber-rich. He’s also smoking hot. That

alone should have scared me away, were I not such a dolt, my academic

achievements notwithstanding.

But there’s more.

Raphael is France’s most notorious playboy who doesn’t do relationships. He

does one-night stands. If sufficiently intrigued, he might do a fling. Which is

the most I could ever hope to have with him—a short-lived fling.
So what, right? It’s not the end of the world.

But consider this: Getting my heart broken by Raphael d’Arcy is the least of

my worries. Some very serious merde has been piling up in my

life lately.
And it’s about to hit the fan.

RAPHAEL'S FLING is a sexy standalone romantic comedy. No cliffhangers.

GUARANTEED: a swoony bad-boy hero, laugh-out-loud moments and a


Alix Nichols 
is an unapologetic caffeine addict and a longtime
fan of Mr. Darcy, especially in his Colin Firth incarnation. She is a Kindle
Scout and Dante Rossetti Award winning author of critically acclaimed romantic
At the age of six, she released her first rom com. It featured highly creative
spelling on a dozen pages stitched together and bound in velvet paper.
Decades later, she still loves the romance genre. Her spelling has improved
(somewhat), and her books have made Amazon bestseller lists, climbing as high
as #1. She lives in France with her family and their almost-human dog.
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