Introducing Lady Claire Is All That by Maya Rodale...

The one
thing neither of them counted on is love . . .


Keeping Up with the Cavendishes #3

Maya Rodale

Releasing Dec 27th, 2016

Avon Books

Her Brains

Claire Cavendish is in search of a duke, but not for the usual reasons. The man she
seeks is a mathematician; the man she unwittingly finds is Lord Fox: dynamic,
athletic, and as bored by the equations Claire adores as she is by the social
whirl upon which he thrives. As attractive as Fox is, he’s of no use to Claire
. . . or is he?

His Brawn

Fox’s male pride has been bruised ever since his fiancĂ©e jilted him. One way to recover:
win a bet that he can transform Lady Claire, Society’s roughest diamond, into
its most prized jewel. But Claire has other ideas—shockingly steamy ones. . .

A Study In Seduction

By Claire’s calculations, Fox is the perfect man to satisfy her sensual curiosity. In Fox’s
estimation, Claire is the perfect woman to prove his mastery of the ton. But
the one thing neither of them counted on is love . . .

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Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her

mother’s insistence and it wasn’t long before she was writing her own. Maya is
now the author of multiple Regency historical romances. She lives in New York
City with her darling dog and a rogue of her own.

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