Book fanatic? Me??

As a writer, I have a natural (almost unnatural!) obsession with books and my home as well as my office is overflowing with them. I am a self-confessed bibliophile and despite having over 250 books waiting to be read, I still buy more. This backlog of books are hardbacks and paperbacks and doesn’t include the 40 + I have downloaded onto my Kindle.

It’s usual for me to be reading three books at any one time – a hardback, a paperback and an ebook. Makes complete sense, right? No? Let me explain. The hardback is for reading in bed, the paperback is for reading in the bath or when I’m walking the dog (I kid you not) and the ebook is for when I am waiting to pick up my kids from one club or another, or waiting at the dentist/doctors etc. Simple.

Okay, so clearly I LOVE books with a passion which means it’s darn near impossible for me to choose a single favorite title – so I’m going to cheat and name my all-time favorite author instead….

It has to be the fabulous Nora Roberts every time.

Now I know there maybe some moans and groans out there, but I seriously don’t know why so many people seem to have such a gripe with the fabulous Nora. She writes fantastic stories, with fantastic characters and, most of all, a fantastic romance. For me, she delivers each and every time. I’m yet to be disappointed by any of her books and I’ve read a lot – and yes, I still have a lot to read too!

So are you a self-confessed bookaholic? Favorite author? Book?

Let’s talk books!

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