My Monthly Book Review - House Rules by Jodi Picoult...

I am a huge Jodi Picoult fan but woefully behind in reading her backlist - I am stoic in my reading my favourites authors' books in the order they were released and that meant that Jodi's House Rules was next on my list.

As per her trademark, House Rules explores a controversial issue, told by multiple points of view and finishing in a court case. House Rules is a brilliant novel with Asperger's sufferer, Jacob, at its centre. Jacob is a forensic investigation enthusiast, compulsively watching and taking notes during repeated viewing of his favourite crime TV show. He also listens to police activity on his radio and is known to turn up at crime scenes, attempting to solve the misdemeanour along with the investigating officers.

So what happens when Jacob is involved in a homicide case where he becomes the one on trial for murder? Told from the point of view of Jacob, his mother, his brother, Jacob's lawyer and the investigating detective, a person could immediately presume this book would make for confusing reading.

That is where Jodi Picoult excels as a skilled novelist and storyteller - easy to follow, entirely absorbing and finishing with an unexpected climax, House Rules is a must read. Brilliant!

A deserving 5 star read!

Looking forward to hearing Jodi speak during her UK tour :)

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