My Monthly Book Review - Queen's Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle...

I am huge fan of historical fiction that includes real people, especially when those people are members of past British royalty. Having devoured novels by Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir and Hilary Mantel for years, I was thrilled to discover a new to me author of the Tudor period. And Elizabeth Fremantle did not disappoint!

As well as Queen's Gambit, I have also read Sisters of Treason and enjoyed both books tremendously, but Queen's Gambit really stands out to me. Why? One of the reasons is that I fascinated by all of Henry VIII's wives, but Katherine Parr especially. She is portrayed sympathetically in Queen's Gambit, but it is her relationship with her companion, Dot that adds a interesting twist to previous portrayals of Henry's final and surviving wife.

For anyone who loves the Tudor period as I do or, indeed, historical fiction as a whole, I highly recommend Queen's Gambit as well as Elizabeth Fremantle's other books. I am looking forward to delving into Watch The Lady as soon as possible!

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