What draws me to write historicals…

I write Victorian historicals, contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Each sub-genre brings its own pleasures and pain, but historical is by far the most challenging. After I wrote The Seduction of Emily, I was so convinced it wasn’t what readers would want, that I vowed never to write another historical again. It was that difficult.

Then I received an email from my agent. Not only did she tell me she’d sold ‘Emily’, but she’d sold it to Kensington (one of my dream publishers) as part of a two-book contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard my scream across the pond from the UK to the US, lol!!

Maybe the book wasn’t so bad after all! J

Writers are notorious for being harder on ourselves than any critic or reader could be, yet we still continue to write through the blood, sweat and tears. For me, there’s no choice. I HAVE to write or I literally turn into a monster. Ask my husband and kids…

So, for me, historicals provide exciting and new avenues to explore and enjoy. Up until now, I have concentrated on the Victorian era because the huge changes for women in the period interests, fascinates and inspires me. I am by no means a feminist but I do get a buzz from researching the amazing women from the era and how determined they were to empower themselves and bring forth new opportunities for their children.

I’ve written five full-length historical novels (one with The Wild Rose Press and four for Kensington) as well as a novella (Wild Rose Press). The common theme that links them is centered around the change in the heroines when they realize they want more than society allows. What are they going to do about it? Who can they trust as allies? Who are their enemies or the people who will resist the new way of life they so passionately seek?

You could say this is a theme that still exists in certain aspects of business and social etiquette now, but it was far worse back then, as you can imagine.

As for future projects, I am currently working on my first novel set in the Edwardian period. I have ideas filed away for other eras on my computer, ready and waiting for me to start bringing them to life. So much for my ‘never again’ attitude as far as historicals are concerned. Clearly, my muse hasn’t finished with me yet…

Happy reading & writing!

Rachel x

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