Five things about…Thomas Ashby

Hero of What A Woman Desires

Thomas is a dedicated, loyal and hardworking groom to the Danes family – an upper middle class family living in the village of Biddestone, England. Like his father before him, Thomas’s life work is maintaining not only the Danes family estate, but ensuring its prosperity for the tenants and villagers who relied on its longevity for their livelihood and homes.

Here are five facts that make Thomas a true hero…at least to me!

1)   He has been in love with the Danes’ eldest daughter, Monica, his entire adult life.
2)   Loyalty is his biggest passion and he is fiercely protective of the village and his way of life. He understands the true value of tradition and hard work.
3)   He strives for, and cares about, people’s happiness – whatever that might entail. If he can help a farmer grow a thousand crops he will, if he can keep his mother in the home she loves he will…if it means letting the love of his life go a second time so she can pursue her heart’s wish, then he will.
4)   He is handsome, broad and rugged but entirely unaware of his allure as far as the opposite sex are concerned.
5)   For an idea of Thomas’s looks and demeanor, Tom Hardy in the movie Lawless was my inspiration when creating this fabulous hero…

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From country girl to actress of the stage, one woman dares to live her dreams—but is she brave enough to open her heart…?

Monica Danes always wanted more than the village of Biddestone had to offer. After a failed courtship to a man of her parents’ choosing, she fled for the city of Bath and never looked back. Today, Monica is the undisputed queen of the theater—a wealthy, independent woman. But when she is called home in the wake of tragedy, Monica returns—intending to leave again as soon as possible.

Thomas Ashby has been a groom at the Danes estate since he was a boy—and has been enamored with Monica for almost as long. He knows he isn’t a suitable match for his master’s daughter, despite the special bond he and Monica have always shared—and their undeniable attraction. But now that she’s returned, Thomas has one last chance to prove himself worthy—and to show Monica a life, and a love, she won’t want to give up...

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