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         Rachel thank you so much for inviting me onto your great blog. I love going around and visiting                  with people.

1.)            What did you want to be when you grew up?

I remember this question was set for an ‘essay’ when I was in primary seven and I had a list of six. It started Secretary, Air Hostess… I couldn’t remember what number six was and had to ask my mum. Apart from that, I don’t think I had any aim beyond finding something that used words. I passed into the graduate entry for the Home Civil Service because so much of the entry process was language based. Now, I have to remind myself that fiction writing does not demand setting out the problem, examining the pros and cons and suggesting a solution. A fiction writer needs to muddy the waters and keep stirring until the last page or two.

2.)            Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Coffee. Tea gives me indigestion particularly if served with lemon. Hot chocolate I find is a little too sweet. Is this possible? Coffee hits the spot, but I drink far less as the years roll past and do rely on instant now. ‘Real’ coffee gets me a little hyper.

3.)            What genre do you typically read? Why?

Typically, I read historical romance from the around the turn of the nineteenth century years. Why? I blame Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen. I love the snap of between the sexes dialogue, I love the idea of being released from domestic duties as we understand them (going to the supermarket, changing the double duvet, washing the kitchen floor…). Would I have enjoyed living without toothpaste, antibiotics and anaesthesia – No. Do I enjoy being a second class citizen when the DH and I visit foreign shores – No. Have I any idea how to look after a horse or poultry – That’s right – No.

4.)            Share a favourite childhood memory.

I came out of our council house and saw my granny walking down the street with her shopping bag. She always stayed when she came and it was a lovely ‘surprise’.

5.)            Do you have any shameless addictions? ie. Tea, Books, Shoes, Clothes?

No, of course not. Well, maybe NCIS. Not a particular actor, but the whole package. As a former playwright, I admire the way it’s crafted and how well it works.

6.)            What do you think is the biggest challenge of writing a new book?

For me, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly holding off until I know enough about the characters and their stories. Again, I think, it’s a hangover from writing drama. I’m so keen to hear the voices, I set up a file and type. Big mistake!

7.)            Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages a day?

Not really, but I did find bites of 800 a good target the year I did NaNoWriMo.

8.)            What are your thoughts on writing a book series?

Daisy’s Dilemma is a continuation of the story of a character from Mariah’s Marriage. It hadn’t occurred to me there would be a continuation so it was hard work and a little nerve-shredding. If I were to do that again, I think it would be a whole lot easier to start off with the intention in mind. It was lovely to have the chance to develop Daisy further.

Back Cover blurb for Daisy's Dilemma:

Lady Daisy should be ecstatic when her brother, the earl, allows Mr. John Brent to propose. She’s been plotting their marriage for two years. However, she is surprised to find herself underwhelmed and blames their distant cousin, Reuben, for unsettling her. 
Reuben Longreach wonders whether the earl understands the first thing about Daisy’s nature and her need for a life with more drama than the Season allows. It’s abundantly clear to him that Daisy and John are not suited, but the minx accepts his proposal nonetheless. 
Meanwhile, Daisy hatches a plan to attach Reuben to her beautiful, beleaguered Scots cousin, Elspeth. Little does she know that Elspeth is the focus of a more sinister plot that threatens Daisy too. 
Will Reuben be able to thwart the forces surrounding Daisy before she is irretrievably tied to John? Will Daisy find the maturity to recognise her dilemma may be of her own making before it’s too late?

Daisy's Dilemma pre-order from amazon http://goo.gl/iMFFVu 
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  1. Hi Rachel, How lovely to see this post up. Thanks once more for hosting me, Anne

  2. What an enticing and intriguing plot. I loved BELLA BETROTHAL and I really like the sound of your new novel too. I wish you lots of success with it!

    1. Thank you, Marie. Publication gets nearer, anne

  3. Good luck with Daisy's Dilemma, Anne. Gillix

    1. Hi Gilli, thank you. She is one of my favourite created characters. anne