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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Welcome Wild Rose Press author, Monique DeVere...

Hi Monique! Great to have you visit and catch up with you and your work - wishing you lots of success and sales with your latest release, KISS ME AGAIN! Let's get started with my questions...

Q: What was your first job? Did you like or dislike it? Why?

A: When I ten, my mum let me “work” in her secretarial business. People would hire her company to type up documents etc, and she would let me do some light typing. I LOVED sitting on my swivel chair typing for an hour or so after school. I still love sitting on my swivel chair typing each day. Only now I get to type on a laptop instead of a manual typewriter, and I get to type cool stories.           

Q: Do you have a pet peeve? If so what is it?

A: Yes I do. It annoys me when people see my name written down yet still write/call me Monica or Dominique.

Q: Would you describe your style as shabby chic, timeless elegance, eclectic, country or ___­­­_?
A: I would have to say casual elegance.

Q: Tell me about your book Kiss Me Again and where you got your inspiration for it?

A: Kiss Me Again is a romantic comedy which is part of The Wild Rose Press Candy Hearts Romance series. The stories all feature Candy Hearts sweets and Valentine’s Day.

Riley Flynn is a loveable klutz who got fired for calling her boss a lech on social media. To add to her woes, she just got invited to her ex-fiancĂ©’s wedding—which should have been hers. Hunky attorney Sam Rutherford recently relocated to Nevis in the hopes of a new start and a more laid-back pace of life. What he doesn’t count on is bumping bumpers with his cute, zany, accident-prone neighbor.

I wish I could say I got the inspiration for this story in some really cool way. The fact is the idea came from little more than me opening a submission call email from my publishers announcing The Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day stories. The idea sounded like fun. A title popped into my head. I submitted it to see if the title was available and it wasn’t. Then I chose Kiss Me Again, which was available. Since I always come up with stories title first, I thought for a moment and a story idea came to me. I wrote it, submitted, and it was accepted. See...? Really boring stuff J.

Q: Who is your role model? Why?

A: Jesus! I would love to have some of His wisdom, and His amazing ability to unconditionally love the people who hate Him.

Q: How much of your book is realistic?

A: Plotwise? None. But Kiss Me Again is set on Nevis, which is real. And Lover’s Beach is also real.

Q: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

A: Over the years I’ve learnt to simply let myself go along for the ride. Plans and ambitions are great, but when they fall short of my expectations it causes me deep distress. As a free spirit, I like to wait and see what life has in store. Go with the flow.

Q: Share one fact about yourself that would surprise people.

A: I can share two: I once lived at the famous St Nicholas Abbey in Barbados, and the pop star Rihanna Fenty and I and second cousins.

Kiss Me Again Book Details:
Product Nbr: 9925
Title: Kiss Me Again
Series Name: A Candy Hearts Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Theme(s): Humorous/Romantic Comedy
SubGenre(s): Holiday, Contemporary
Imprint: Champagne
Length: Miniature
Rating: Spicy (PG13)
Keywords: Neighbors-to-lovers, romantic comedy, office romance, Island romance, Valentine's Day,
Page Count: 86
Word Count: 21280
Digital Price: 2.99 
Release Date: January 13, 2016
ISBN(s): 978-1-5092-0474-8 Digital 

What can be more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding?
 A Valentine’s Day wedding on a Caribbean beach!

She backs into his sports car, reorganizes his home office, spills coffee in his lap....then...steals his heart.

Back Cover Copy

What can be more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding?
 A Valentine’s Day wedding on a Caribbean beach!

The last thing Riley Flynn wants is to be present at her ex-fiancĂ©’s wedding—which should have been hers—but she refuses to give him the satisfaction, despite the nosedive her life has recently taken. Now, if she can only find a plus one to prove she isn’t a complete failure.
All Sam Rutherford wants is a peaceful life, but his zany neighbor is making it impossible. The woman is a menace to herself, and anyone in her path—he has the dent in his car to prove it. But when she raises those big amber eyes and confides in him, how can he say no to anything she wants? Soon she’s invading his life and bungling her way... into his heart.

Copyright © Monique DeVere 2016
The Wild Rose Press
All Rights Reserved

“I’d have to kiss you first before I can kiss you again.” The low intimate timbre of his tone sent a prickle over her, tightened her skin.

To disguise the sudden wired sensation in the pit of her stomach, Riley popped the sweet into her mouth, smiled then shrugged. “Well, there’s that.”

Even from the distance of his desk that separated them, Riley noticed the way his gaze dipped to her mouth then darkened as she crunched the chalky sweet.

“C’mere.” His voice, richer, darker, and sexier caressed her.

Riley gulped against the tension constricting her throat; her heart pounded in anticipation as she swallowed the chewed candy. “I don’t think that would be wise, Sam.”

“I’m not asking you to be wise, Riley. I’m asking you to come over here.”

“Why? Do you need me to look at something in that file you were reading?” She kept a playful smile in place as she thought of a way to ease out of yet another potentially awkward moment she’d created with Sam. She was pretty sure she’d make a fool of herself if she closed the space between them.

“Riley.” Her insides liquefied whenever he said her name with such command. “Come here.” With that rusty edge to his usually smooth voice, she couldn’t help but obey.

She slowly pushed to her feet and, on shaky legs, she moved around the desk toward him. “Sam?”

He stood, closed the remaining space between them. “Say my name again.”

“Sam…” This time it came out breathy and needy. No matter how hard she tried, Riley just couldn’t fight the attraction that had been tormenting her for longer than she cared to admit. She fancied Sam from the moment she first met him that morning almost three months ago as they both set off to work.

She raised her chin, met his gaze knowing he’d see desire in hers. The air between them pulsated. This time she made no attempt to hide her need.

“You’re incredibly distracting, do you know that?” Sam’s finger grazed her cheek, followed the curve and warmed her skin.

Author Bio
Monique DeVere is a full-time author of Sweet 'n' Spicy Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance. She also writes Christian Supernatural Suspense movie scripts. She was born on the beautiful island of Barbados, where she grew up on a large plantation with enough wide-open space to let the imagination run free. She moved to the UK as a teen and shortly after met and fell instantly, and irrevocably, in love with her very own strong-silent-type hero. When Monique isn’t writing or spending quality time with her family, she likes to armchair travel to distant and exciting parts of the world and considers herself to have the best job on earth.
You can visit her at where she invites you to join her exclusive Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Readers Club packed full of goodies for her members. Monique loves to hear from her readers, do contact her at

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