Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas, lovely readers!!

Well, it's finally Christmas 2015!

Where has the year gone? For me, I have absolutely no idea...

I am pleased to say I achieved all of my professional resolutions...even if not so many of the personal ones, lol!

This year I have appeared twice in public talking about my writing, which was a HUGE deal as I am terrified of public speaking. The first was at Tiverton Literary Festival alongside fab authors, Julie Cohen, Alison Rose Knight & fabulous author and our interviewer, Jenny Kane. We had a blast and the audience were fantastic!

Next up was the ChippFest2015, where I was joined by Alison Rose Knight (we are joined at the hip!), Nicola Cornick, & Louise Douglas where we had a night of talk and cake. I had a handful of close friends in the audience which was great as a confidence booster. A great evening was had by all!

I have no idea why I was so nervous about these appearances because as soon as we started talking, it was difficult to shut me up. I hope to double my appearances during 2016 so watch this space for any upcoming events.

I also hit my goal of signing another three book contract with Harlequin Superromance which will bring my Templeton Cove series to a total of eight books! Am I done with this small UK seaside town? Not in the least! I will keep writing the books as long as my readers and Harlequin want them. I ADORE the Cove!

So there's my round up of 2015 and I look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring. Have a FABULOUS Christmas and I'll see you on the other side...

Merry Christmas!

Rachel x


  1. I wish I lived closer, as I would most certainly come to your talks. Or at least when my kids are older and my commitments are less, I certainly will be there! Merry Christmas, Rachel! Here's to more writing and more books in 2013 :)

    1. Or more writing and books in 2016, LOL! Merry Christmas to you, my lovely - see you soon xoxo