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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Welcome romance author, D. M. Thornton...

1.)          What is the strangest talent you have?  Hmm, the strangest talent I have would either be, being able to hang a spoon from my nose or touch my nose with my tongue.  Gross, I know, but for some reason my kids find it hilarious!
2.)          What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?  I wouldn’t say it was really a costume, but I happened to be pregnant one year during Halloween and  I found this shirt online that had a skeleton baby on the front.  It was super cute and glowed in the dark.  I wore it to Disneyland during Halloween time and when I stepped into the Haunted Mansion and the lights went out, I lit the elevator up like the Fourth of July.  Needless to say, I was the talk of the whole ride. 
3.)          Are the titles of your books important?  Yes, of course!  For me the title sums up the whole book.  There’s usually something of importance in the book that has a deeper meaning to me, which then ends up becoming the title.  
4.)          If you’re struggling with a scene or difficult character, what methods help you through it?  I listen to music.  Music is my go-to for everything.  It helps calm my nerves or amps me up.  There is a song for everything, so whether I’m writing about love, heartache or something very traumatic...there is a song that helps me get what I want out of my head and onto paper. 
5.)          Do you prefer dog, cats or none of the above?  I love animals, but I would say that I prefer dogs over cats.  And I have the best dog!  Flora our corgi is the greatest dog in the whole world!
6.)          Who’s your favourite author? Why?  This is a hard question as there are so many great authors.  But my all time favorite is, Stephen King.  My bookshelf is lined with his work.  He is the mastermind of all things scary, creepy, gory, and weird.  And I love it.  The way his mind works is fascinating, and I have to admit, some of his older books have seriously freaked me out to the point of not being able to sleep.  I have truly gone through every single emotion reading his work.  Now, if I could add one more author to my favorites, Jodie Ellen Malpas is amazing!  I think I can honestly say that no other series has knocked the wind out my lungs like the This Man trilogy.  And when you think she can’t top This Man, she comes out with the One Night series.  Oh man!  Those books pull at the heartstrings, and you never want them to end.  Beautiful!
7.)          Do you have a pet peeve? Well...if you ask anyone in my family they’d say everything!  I tend to be a little obsessive compulsive at times, so I have a few...or maybe a lot.  HA!  I can’t help that certain things bug me.  For instance, I like all the silverware in their own compartments.  Forks should be with the forks.  Spoons should be with the spoons.  Knives should be with the knives.  I can’t be the only one that likes order!  Plus it’s easier when you unload the dishwasher.  I’m tellin’ ya, if you haven’t tried it, you’ll thank me =)
So pretty much, my pet peeves would be anything that brings chaos and disorder to my life...and with three kids and a husband...well, it’s an uphill battle!
8.)          Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning?  Not always...I’m lucky if I remember what I did five minutes ago, but the important ones I do remember.  The funny thing is, the dreams I remember tend to happen over and over again.  That is how The Answer came about.  I had the same dream about Jax and Chloe every night for weeks.  I figured they wouldn’t leave me alone until I put their story on paper.  So, I gave them what they wanted...their own book!

                  Chloe Nespoli’s world exploded into a fiery inferno the night a drunk driver hit her family’s car head on.  The accident left her badly burned, but the scars she wears only skim the surface of the pain she lives with knowing she’s the only survivor.  When she catches the hand of a handsome man, a spark ignites feelings that Chloe buried with her husband and son.  Is Jax Levi the answer for mending her broken heart?  Or will his secrets shatter her completely?.
                  The day Chloe Nespoli walked into Jax Levi’s life was the day the world spun off its axis, knocking Jax clear off his feet.  He fell hard for this broken girl and would stop at nothing to help her fulfill her every dream.  But he can’t keep his secrets hidden forever and when they start emerging, one by one, Jax is forced to expose his family’s demons and risk losing the love of his life.
                  Love runs deep into the soul, camouflaging what’s reality.  It leaves you blind and aching, wanting...yearning for more.  It’s easy to feel love, to be pulled into the hide behind it’s mask, but it takes courage to express love in a way that is true and real.  Jax and Chloe’s love is profound.  Their passion, intense.  But life has a way of testing the boundaries of love and for Jax and Chloe, the answer lies within their tangled hearts.
  About the Author:  D. M. Thornton, originally from San Diego, CA, lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her three kids, husband, and her four-legged companion, Flora the corgi.  She’s a creative soul who enjoys playing piano, the ukulele, singing and has an extreme addiction to old fashioned chocolate glazed doughnuts.     
After fourteen years of being a nail technician, she traded in her nail polish and took a chance on an old childhood dream of becoming a writer.  You can find her on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. I read DM's first release The Answer and loved it. The writing style, the love, the surprises! DM is at the top of my favorite new author list and I can't wait for the next book release!
    Thank you so much for this interview and a look into the authors life.

    1. Hi Charis!

      Thanks for stopping by - love it when a reader finds a new author :)