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Welcome romance author, Jennifer Young...

1)      What kind of music do you like?
Everything. I was always a bit alternative, even when I was a student (think The Smiths and The Cure) but I also love classical music. The only thing I really cant abide is syrupy Christmas music so this is a bad season for me, musically speakingbut I get round that by putting on my current favourite (Robbie Williamstake on swing). The good thing is that Ill always find some music thats a soundtrack for any story I happen to be writing!
2)      Describe your dream home
Thats a difficult one. It would have to be something old, with a feel of history through every stone. It would be quirky, with lots of window seats and lots of views to look out at and pretend I was thinking instead of procrastinating. Id like to be able to see hills and water and fields. And some interesting buildings. And I dont want to be too far away from a vibrant village or small town with lots of different coffee shops. If you find somewhere that fits the bill, could you let me know?
3)      Favorite literary hero & heroine?
I really a feisty heroine and I know theyre ten a penny in fiction. But my very, very favourite couple are actually Shakespearean Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. They fight all the time, its genuinely funnyand yet we know theyre made for each other even though they dont.
4)       What are you reading now?
At the moment Im reading and rereading the draft of my current novel trying to work out whats wrong with it. I know should put it aside and read something else, and I have a long list of books I want to read. They include books by my fellow Tirgearr authors Romy Gemmel and Troy Lambert and a couple of novels about Italy which I never got round to reading when I was on holiday there in August. (Just the thing for Christmas, I hear you say)
5)      What did you do on your last birthday?
Last birthday came at a horrendously busy time in my life when all sorts of things were happening. So I took the day off. I went out for breakfast. I went out for lunch. I went out for dinner. And in between meals I did absolutely nothing, or nothing of note. That may in fact have been the last time I sat down to have a good long read.
6)      What comes first, plot or characters?
Location comes first most of the times. Then the characters. Plot comes last. In my recently-published book, No Time Like Now, the characters first came into my head on a holiday to Majorca. I never forgot them but I didnt know what to do with them. It was on another holiday to the same place more than twenty years later that they finally met. The plot made itself up after that.
7)      Do you ever suffer from writers block?
No, but Im a terrible procrastinator. If I can find an excuse I will, but if you sit me down and make me write Im never short of words, even if they arent very good. I used to think I suffer from the dreaded block but I realised that it was just in my mind the first time I did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, when the challenge is to write 50,000 words in November). When I have to write a certain number of words I always doand behold, last years rubbish draft is this years published novel!
8)      Do you ever want to be someone else? Who?
Im pretty happy being myself, to be honest. I live in a lovely place and get to do the job I love. Of course there are little things Id tweak it would be nice to be able to find and afford that dream home, for example! - but generally speaking, its okay being me.
9)      Tell us about your latest book?
Its called No Time Like Now and I mentioned it above. Geologist Tim Stone turns up at a field centre in Majorca where hes horrified to find his old flame, Megan McLeod, who fled there after the very messy breakup of their relationship. Theyre not speaking, hes brought his new girlfriend with him and then Tim stumbles on something he really shouldnt have and he has no-one to turn to for help but Megan. When they realise that his knowledge could be the death of them both, they have to try and overcome the bitterness between them
10) Whats next for you?
Im working on another romantic suspense novel, this time set in Italy. Strictly speaking its two books because when Id finished the draft I realised that two of my secondary characters were demanding to have their story told and so I had to draft that out, as well. I knew that if I didnt get them both right at the draft stage I could be in real trouble later on. Rich, spoiled heiress Leona and her sensible best friend Skye head off to Italy for a month but Leonas wealth attracts the wrong sort of attention. The first book is Skyes story and the second is Leonas.
Excerpt: No Time Like Now
When youve finished your coffee, Megan or Catalina will show you your room.
Im going to finish getting the supper ready. Could Cat do it?
Yes, Ill do it.
Tim placed his mug on the worktop. That suited him fine. He didnt particularly want to spend time with Megan either. If its okay with you, perhaps we could go now and I can get unpacked and settled in.
This way. Delighted to help, Catalina led him through the lounge where the briefing meeting was already getting rowdy, into the hall where he retrieved his luggage from among the rest of the kit, and up several half flights of stairs. Im sorry, were really busy this week so we had to put you in the attic.
Itll keep me fit. When shed gone, he dropped his rucksack in the corner and took a look round. It was a nice enough room, not too big but clean and bright, with a comfortable bed and crucially plenty of desk space. He stood for a moment looking out of the window. Checked his phone. Stood and stared out of the window again as he turned things over in his head. And over, and over, because the past was like a snake that just kept rearing its ugly head to strike.
So, Megan McLeod. It was only for a month. And shed made it clear how she was going to handle it, so hed handle it that way, too. Remain polite, always be civil. Give nothing away. And above all, never forgive.

About No Time Like Now
Hiding away from a disastrous past, Megan McLeod is getting along nicely in her job as housekeeper at a university field centre in Majorca. But the arrival of geological researcher, Tim Stone, throws everything into disarray because Tim was the father of the baby she lost some years before and the two of them had parted very messily indeed.
As if having Tim on the scene wasnt bad enough, he's there with his new partner, Holly. But when in the course of his research he comes upon something extremely nasty along the cliffs of north Majorca, hes forced to turn to Megan for help.
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About Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young is an Edinburgh-based writer, editor and copywriter. She is interested in a wide range of subjects and writing media, perhaps reflecting the fact that she has both arts and science degrees. Jennifer has been writing fiction, including romantic fiction, for a number of years with several short stories already published. No Time Like Now is her second published novel; her first novel, Thank You For The Music, is also set on the Balearic island of Majorca.
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