Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kensington Book 3…Monica's Story

Happy Saturday, lovely visitors!

I am thrilled to have finished the first draft of the third book in my Victorian series with eKensington this week. This is Monica's story, who was a secondary character in The Temptation of Laura. Monica works at Bath's Theatre Royal and as soon as she appeared in "Laura" I knew I wanted to write her story––luckily for me, my editor suggested it to me before I could him!

This book is likely to be my longest yet at around 90,000 words but it also the book I have written the fastest. I usually hit a terrible brick wall around the 40,000 word mark but this book didn't stump me until the very end at around 75,000. The reason? One of the secondary characters revealed something I had no idea about, lol! I would say from idea to first draft, this book took me a little over four months. A record :)

The joy of writing, and something only a fellow writer can understand, is the characters in our books are so real they often talk about things we don't want them to talk about! I loved writing this book and hope my editor and you, my lovely readers, enjoy it too!

So with this initial draft done, it is onto the second and third drafts before I dive into what will be my fifteenth novel - how is that possible?? I keep having to go back and recount my books because it doesn't seem real.

For those of you who have already read the first two books in my Kensington series, I thank you! THE SEDUCTION OF EMILY now has 33 five star reviews and 21 four star reviews on Amazon. So happy! Fingers crossed, THE TEMPTATION OF LAURA will follow suit :)

Have a great weekend,


Rachel x

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