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Welcome multi-published romance writer, Cate Masters...

1.    What do you wish men understood about women?

Wow, great question, Rachel. For me, the most important thing is the need to be treated as equals, and if men want the relationship to be successful, they have to devote time and attention to it. I’m very lucky to have been married to a guy for 36 years who understands. :)

2.    Do you only work on one book at a time?

Do I start too many projects at once? All too often. At this writing, I have 23 stories in various stages, from sketchy idea to outlines to a few chapters done, plus an idea for a series of related stories that don’t even appear on the WIP spreadsheet. Maddening! lol Do I concentrate on only one at a time? These days, mostly yes. In the past, I often jumped from story to story because rather than diluting the focus on each, it actually sharpened it because I had to return to it fresh each time, especially if they were different genres.

3.    Who is your favorite fictional couple?

A tough question! I have a terrible time choosing any favorites, but I’ve always loved Elizabeth Bennet’s fiery intelligence and fierce independence, and Fitzwilliam Darcy (no wonder he prefers to go by “Mr. Darcy” lol) eventually reveals his generous and somewhat shy nature, hidden by his earlier cold, abrupt demeanor. In the end, they discover they share many qualities, which is the perfect setup for them to be friends as well as lovers.

4.    Do you have a favorite quote that sums up how you feel about life?

Oh, another tough one. There are so many great quotes I love. Like Dolly Parton’s “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain” or Lucille Ball’s “I would rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not” or James Dean’s “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” Sorry, that’s three.

5.    Do you set daily writing goals? Word count? Number of chapters? Do you get a chance to write every day?

I probably should, but no, I don’t set word count or chapter goals except if I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo. Otherwise, I try to use the NaNo mindset for every day – just do as much as I can, without making myself crazy if I don’t hit a specific number.

6.    What do you like better, Twitter or Facebook? Why?

I find Twitter overwhelming, and it’s hard for me to make sense of it. Yes, I’m a Twitter dunce. Facebook is much easier for me to navigate so I’m there too often, lol.

7.    What are you working on now?

I just put the finishing touches on the third Blue Moon novella, Twice in a Blue Moon. The characters don’t carry over from story to story, but the theme and tone are the same. With that one done, I’ve returned, at long last, to the third Goddess Connection novel. In each of these stories, the heroine discovers she’s descended from a goddess, and her quirks become strengths. I love the tag line for this series too – Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. And be treated like one! :)

Blue Moon Series 1
Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake
by Cate Masters

Home for the holidays…

Sierra O’Brien and Carter Grove have a lot of history—and regrets between them. Their high school romance didn’t survive after he went away to college. Despite tremendous business success, Carter never found another woman like Sierra and has two failed marriages to prove it. Sierra’s luck wasn’t much better, but after being widowed, she heads back to Bliss to plan her future. The last thing either expected was to run into each other or to reconnect to the magic that once drew them together.

Can Sierra and Carter make it work this time or are they doomed to repeat the past and let the same mistakes drive them apart? In Bliss, the inexplicable is an everyday occurrence, and anything is possible—especially during a blue moon.

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Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake
Blue Moon Series 1
Contemporary holiday novella
About 40,000 words

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About the Author:
Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.

Contact Details:

Twitter:  @CateMasters

Enjoy the following excerpt for BLUE MOON OVER BLISS LAKE:
Ensconced in soft down, Sierra floated down from her dreams, the one place she always found safety. Her body acknowledged the bed, the sunshine stinging her eyes drawing her back toward reality. Reluctantly, she pried open one then blinked both open. After a moment of confusion, she knew where she was: home. In Bliss.
Dreams of Carter had helped make the night blissful, too. While she rose and puttered around, making the bed, a vivid image of him stayed in her mind. How the heck had a decade improved his looks? Carter 2.0. Oh yeah, he’d love that, with all his cutting-edge technological developments, he’d become one of Steve Jobs’ main competitors. Unlike Jobs, Carter’s sharp, professional appearance lent an unapproachable air, the expensive suit he’d worn the day before cut so well to his figure it looked tailor-made. It probably was. The soft fabric had surprised her. So had the taut muscles beneath the suit. Carter kept himself in shape. He had everything in life he could possibly need. A pang of regret sliced through her.
Or did he? She headed to the bathroom and twisted the faucet knob. Steam began to fill the small bathroom as she stepped inside the shower. It hadn’t escaped her notice when Forbes listed him in its Top 40 Under 40. She’d been happy for his success, but something about those media photos grabbed her attention, and she lingered over them. His smile appeared too rehearsed, empty of happiness. Sometimes pictures showed a woman clinging to him, her embrace cloying and possessive rather than loving.
Toweling off, she tried to remember his current wife’s name. It escaped her; he’d married at least twice. A bitter chuckle escaped and she wiped the mirror free of steam a little harder than necessary. And you thought you were the love of his life. Obviously, he didn’t have one—he had many.
She frowned at her hazy reflection. After reading another article she’d run across online in some pretentious magazine like Architectural Digest, she’d questioned whether she ever really knew the man. His wife—Barbara, maybe?—had had their initials monogrammed on everything throughout their McMansion. A beautiful place, but cold. Overbearing. Nothing like the boy she’d once loved.
You’re not exactly the same girl either. Gaunt face, pale skin, and dark circles beneath her eyes. Not for long. Carter had made his mark on the world and she intended to do the same. Much smaller than his, of course, but she didn’t need to conquer the universe. A state or two might be nice, though.
“Oh, Carter.” He’d left his mark on her, too. Ten years melted away when she’d seen him the day before, the two minutes leaving a vivid impression. Throughout the night, in the haze of sleep, memories of the two years they’d shared filled her with sublime happiness. How bright the future had appeared then.
She straightened. It will be. A little late, but starting over would give her the opportunity to make it better this time.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great interview, Rachel! And for having me at your lovely blog. :)

  2. Great excerpt! I'm overwhelmed at the thought of 23 projects. I don't think I've had 23 original ideas in my whole life. :-)

    1. I sometimes have to use a virtual whip and chair to keep them in line, Liz! I just hope I can finish them all someday.