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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Welcome my dear, dear friend and hilarious romance writer, Vonnie Davis...

 WOOHOO!! So glad you're here, my lovely lady!! As I was lucky enough to work with you on the early drafts of Santa Wore Leathers (and you were kind enough to include my name in the acknowledgements!), I am super excited for its release and undoubted success. I have my copy on my Kindle and it will be next in line to be read. What a Merry Xmas the cover alone makes, LOL! Let's get started with the questions...

1)  What kind of music do you like?
I enjoy all types of music, except rap. Yet there are a few rap songs I like too.

2)  Describe your dream home…
An apartment on the Left Bank of Paris near Shakespeare and Company or Luxemburg Gardens.

3)  Favorite literary hero & heroine?
Prince Henry in King Henry IV, Part I and Jane Eyre.

4)  What are you reading now?
Pursuit by Lynda Chance

5)  How many books have your written?  Which is your favourite?
I’ve written nine books, eight have been released. The ninth a Scottish paranormal—A Highlander’s Beloved—releases from Random House in August. It is my favorite.

6)  What comes first, plot or characters?
The characters reveal themselves to me first, especially the heroes. They come to me at night just as I’m drifting off to sleep.

7)  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?
I suffer from writer’s fear. It strikes before I start a new project and hisses in my ear like a viper, “You can’t do this. You don’t have what it takes.” I literally have to force myself to write junk…words that make no sense. I write, delete, write and delete until the mess I’m working with starts to tell a story. Self-doubt is a terrible thing, isn’t it?

Often, in the middle of a book, I’ll hit a rough spot. My characters have led me in a direction I wasn’t expecting or have done something that’s totally blown me away. That’s when I hop over to another story and write a scene or two until my mind works through the problem and I’m ready to return to the book. I typically have 3 or 4 books in various stages at once.

8)  Twitter or Facebook? Why?
I use them both. I feel facebook is more personal. I suppose the pictures pull me closer to other people.

9)  Tell us about your latest book?
SANTA WORE LEATHERS is a Christmas novella released by Harper Impulse. This romance is a love triangle, of sorts. A man-shy reporter…an ex-SEAL turned commander of a Marine Rescue Unit in Florida…and a thong-stealing German shepherd. It is a romantic comedy.

There’s only one thing on Becca Sinclair’s Christmas list this holiday season – her very own column in the local paper. And if she can build a huge blog following, her wish just might come true.
Enter Dan “Wolf” Wolford aka the man-whore next door and the new star of Becca’s popular, post-divorce blog about men. A Navy SEAL turned commander of the Florida Marine Rescue Unit, Wolf’s the very definition of the word alpha – and with an endless rotation of women on his doorstep, this hunk on a Harley has Becca and her female followers all hot and bothered!
All Becca wants for Christmas is her newspaper column, right? But when she finds herself the target of Wolf’s irresistible attentions, her snarky comebacks become less and less convincing and, suddenly, she’s not so sure anymore…


10) What’s next for you?
I’m working on two books. To Catch A Flame is a sequel to Santa Wore Leathers and involves Wolf’s youngest sister and a member of his Marine Rescue Unit. A Highlander’s Obsession, book two of my paranormal series is also taking a lot of my time as I research various things I’ll need to incorporate into the plot.
BIO: Vonnie Davis likens herself to a warm, freshly baked croissant: crusty, wrinkled and flaky—and best served with strong coffee. Since she adores humor, her writing is often a tad flaky, too. Retired, she spends her days playing Fairy God-Mother to her characters, giving them the happily-ever-after they so deserve. She lives in southern Virginia with her author husband, a man she met online. Now there’s a romantic story.



  1. Thanks for having me today, Rachel. I know you're busy with last minute Christmas preparations. I need to do a bit of grocery shopping too and will face the masses at the store in a few hours. Ugh! I hate the thought of it.

  2. Terrific interview, guys. Vonnie, we're on the same page with writer's block. I have the same voice. It can eat you alive. I honestly have no idea at what point we start to believe in ourselves, but you know, just once, I'd like to enjoy writing a book without feeling like I want to puke. lol

    Okay, TMI. Merry Christmas, ladies!

    1. I guess when we start thinking we're all that and a bag of chips, we're in trouble, huh Joanne? Thanks for stopping by. And Merry Christmas to you, too.