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Saturday, 11 May 2013

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Morgane has problems with men. Being a werewolf, and wary of humans, it’s inevitable. But when she meets the intense and enigmatic Aelric, she falls hard. She’s never experienced feelings like this before: desperate for his touch, crazy for the feeling of his skin on hers, and ready to surrender to him heart and soul.

Aelric has never had a problem with women; he’s a master of seduction. So when his alpha orders him to seduce Morgane for information about her clan, he accepts. He’s entranced by her supple curves and soft lips, but for once, he wants more than just her body. He wants her for his mate. But he can’t reveal his true identity, or his intentions. For he’s part of a rival clan of werewolves intent on the domination of Morgane’s pack. And dark forces are gathering that might destroy their fiery relationship…
Aelric tasted her tears on his lips and felt her vulnerability. Who had hurt her this much? Who had made her the way she was?

He wanted to tell her, wanted her to know who he was. She would be the one person in the world from whom he didn’t need to keep secrets. But would she still be with him once she knew? He smoothed her hair, inhaling the sweet scent of lavender, and even more, the feel of her soft curves pressed against him. God, she was crying, and all he could think about was being inside her again, holding her close against him.

She must have sensed it, because her sobs eased and she stroked her palm against his thigh, the touch clearly sensual, sexual, and inviting. He tilted her chin to him and opened her lips with his thumb, following with his tongue, his lips claiming her. He fed from her, tasting the sweetness of her mouth. Her hand tightened on his thigh, and he shifted, his jeans suddenly too tight, his erection evident.

The car pulled to a halt in front of her building. He dismissed his driver, and they took the marble stairs hurriedly up to her apartment.

He was pulling at her dress as soon as they entered the door. “Morgane,” he murmured. “You undo me.”

She shook her head as he tugged urgently at her clothes and led him to the bedroom. He undressed her without delay, revealing her lush body to his eyes. He marveled that she was so open, so willing to let him see her in all her complexity. The rain fell in great, wet splashes on the window ledges, providing soft music as he pulled her close.

“Aelric.” She held him back slightly. “I need to tell you…”

He took her hand in his, held it up to mouth. “No need to tell me anything right now.” He knew what she wanted to say, could see it in her eyes. But he didn’t want to spoil this time with her. The day would come soon enough when he would have to expose his own secret.

He put his lips to her neck, inhaling her perfume, the notes of bergamot and woman intoxicating him, drugging him. He was hard. He wanted to bury himself in her soft ivory skin, to hear her berry lips moan at his touch. He ground her against him, bit at her neck, as if her skin was sumptuous chocolate.

She took his face between her hands, pulled his lips to her own. She was hungry, insistent, and he responded, matching her ferocity with his. He acted the animal, biting, licking, devouring her groans as she pressed against him.

He lifted her so that her legs encircled him and pushed her back against the bedroom wall. 
His legs tensed beneath her, holding her steady.

She moaned.

“Yes,” he answered, his breath short, his mouth on hers, his hands below her, cupping the soft flesh of her ass. She grasped at his shoulders, pulling at him. He tugged off his jeans and boxers; he needed to be inside her. Now.

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Erin has been writing her entire life, but only recently found her voice in the paranormal romance world. 

She's an avowed chocoholic, loves travel and good tea, and finds her inner peace by meditating and writing. 


Twitter: @authorerinmoore

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