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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Welcome Eternal Press author, Linda Hays-Gibbs!!

Today, I am happy to welcome Linda Hays-Gibbs to my blog - she is here to promote her latest book which is a paranormal Regency romance. I'm totally intrigued! Even the premise is enough for me to buy it :) 

Okay, let's start the interview...

1)   Did you set any goals for 2012? 

I have another book I have been working on for the past year.  It is a project that I need to finish in 2012 and another that I have an idea might be a good sequel to “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls”

2)   What is the best part of the writing process for you?

 I love the starting of the book.  I get excited about the new idea and I want to get it down in print right away.  Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to jot down some scene I have envisioned for the book.

3)   The worst part?

 I hate rewrites and editing.  That is the hard work.  It is hard because really you are never finished with a book. It is like a baby.  You are so glad you are pregnant and when you deliver but then you find out that you have to raise this child for the next twenty years. It really hurts when you have to let go of them and the same is true of the book.  In truth you are never through with your children or with your books.  They are kind of like children to you.  You look back and wish you had done this or that. It never ends. Lol

4)   What is the book you wish you’d written? 

“Twilight” I love that book and series.  It would have been so wonderful to go to that place.  I also have to admit I love Johanna Lindsey’s books, especially the Mallory series.

5)   Favourite author/s & book/s? 

Oh well, I just mentioned Johanna Lindsey and her “Gentle Rogue”, “Tender Rebel” and there is Jo Beverley with all her humor and hot love scenes, Mary Balogh with “No Man’s Mistress” and “Then Comes Seduction”, Mary Jo Putney and her Magical series and Barbara Metzger with her wit and humor that make me laugh at 2 am to name a few.  Oh and a new author Dina Tosto has a lot to do with angels to and is really good.

6)   Tell us about your latest release?

 “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls” is about a young innocent girl that has a lot happen to her in a very short time. She essentially has to grow up fast as a lot of us do these days but this is back in 1815 and women did not have many choices to them back then in Regency England.  There is the war with Napoleon that has taken so much from her and then she has all these problems with love as most teenagers do but she has a few extra special problems with vampires, ghosts, demons, ghouls, and angels besides the usual man problems.  Pru has to sort all this out and find her true love.  Do you think you could do it?

My Angel, My Light
                (As Darkness Falls) 
                 By Linda Hays-Gibbs
 The orchestra played the waltz and Pru looked at her dance card for her partner.  Oh, she had not forgotten who it was, but she wanted to appear that she had.  It was the big handsome Scotsman that was a Duke, Fearghass MacDonald the Duke of Somerled.  He was crossing the dance floor headed for her side as she glanced around to find him.  How powerful his shoulders looked and he moved like a big cat . . . 
    His eyes had twinkled at her when he asked for the first waltz.  He caressed her hand with such a delicate kiss, shivers raced down her spine.  Then he turned to her palm and brushed the inside with his tongue.  This sent larger chills down Pru’s back just thinking about it.  How was she to manage the dance with this sophisticated and elegant man?  Pru was trembling all over with anticipation.

    From the corner of the woods he saw her.  She was like an angel floating around in the carnage of hell . . .
    Suddenly, all he wanted was to comfort her, to take her into his arms and never let her go.  He started toward her and then halted, shaking his head to clear it.  He could not do that.  He was the enemy, the dreaded Frenchman and he had to stay hidden . . .
     He wanted her as he had never wanted anything before in his life.  Like a starving ravenous animal, his eyes alight with a hunger he had never known before, he followed her and held his breath. . .
     Could battles cause a kind of lust?  This was different.  It was insane.  He held himself back behind a tree and hungered for her.

    Dughlass MacDonald was the brother of the Duke and he would avenge his brother but most of all he must find a way to have Pru.  She was his angel now and he would let nothing stand in his way. As soon as he could, he would find a way to bind her to him.

     “But you cannot be serious.  I am a Duke and you prefer some nobody in a closet to me?” He was strangling in his rage and disbelief.  He choked back a growl.

 7)   What is your favourite attribute of the hero and heroine?

 I think I love Pru’s resiliency and courage and Dughlass had to have the patience of Job.  He is dedicated to have his way but he will not let Pru leave him.

8)   What’s next?

 I am writing a novel called:  “The Devil is Real” It is about an assassin that falls in love with a magical woman of many powers but most important is her innocence and belief in God.

 9)   Tell me where you write? 

I write all over the house but mainly in the living room while the TV is blaring in my ear.

10)      Where would you like your career to be in 5 years? 

Oh, that is easy, I want to have written and published at least 20 books and be rich and famous. Lol

11)           Where can we find you? 

My trailer: 

Thank you so very much for the interview. It has been a great deal of fun and I appreciate all your questions.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

Great interview, Linda! I have no idea how you manage to write with the TV on - I would be so distracted, lol! Okay, Linda is waiting for your questions and comments...


  1. Hi Linda and Rachel-Great interview! Big fan of Pru! I agree with you, Linda. The beginning of writing the book is the most exciting part for me too. Introducing all of the characters and the setting, etc. Then they all have to do something-it gets harder! Soon you will have 20 books and be rich and famous! Dina Rae

  2. You will be the one rich and famous. You have the best of all things in this business,: talent. Thank you for the comment. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Thank you so much for this interview Rachel. I liked your name so much that I named my heroine in my new book "The Devil is Real" Rachael. It's spelled different but it reminds me of goodness. You are a great person too.
    Thanks again!
    Linda Hays-Gibbs