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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday Promo - Linda Hays-Gibbs...

The battlefields rob innocent young Pru of her beloved twin, her Scottish admirer and her future. One day she is a young lady enjoying a ball; all too soon after she is wandering through the carnage seeking two bodies among the multitude. But she is not alone. A great dog howls a dirge, and a half-crazed Frenchman watches Pru with hungry fascination. In the aftermath, Pru returns to a home that is no longer hers, and then moves on to a deserted house. With Knight, the dog whom she has adopted, she tries to overcome her nightmares but again she is not alone.

This sounds as if the story is one of unrelenting misery, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once Pru is over the initial shock and horror, she is a resourceful young woman and she really needs to be. What with the protective Knight, an amorous ghost, assorted demons, vampires and the eponymous angel to deal with, the arrival of a flesh-and-blood Scot is just one more thing. And then there's the Frenchman in Pru's c-- (shhh, that's a spoiler!) Parts of this story made me laugh out loud. It is exquisitely funny in places, and oh-so-sad in others. It never fails to hold my interest. Linda Hays-Gibbs's mind-world is an enchanted and enchanting place. (So, what's the genre? Um... sensual Gothic romance horror comedy Regency will do for starters...)


My Angel My Light, as Darkness Falls

     When she had danced at the ball, life had been so wonderfully simple.  It had been the best day of her life.  Little did she know that her life, as she knew it, would be forever changed in but a moment of time.
     She searched, for him through the carnage, and it seemed like, forever but she finally found what she had to find.  Later, she realized she found a lot more than she could have ever imagined.  The terror by night was what she had come to realize felt normal, that is, as normal as terror could be to anyone.  What she most wondered was had she at last found her love too?  He came for her in the darkness and comforted her in her terrors and she needed him.  There was another though.  One she had not counted on through the darkness but he seemed to be the light at the end of her long night.
     He thirsted for her beauty, her body, her love, but he also thirsted for more, her blood.  Was he strong enough to resist?  He did not know that there was someone who had come to take her from him but he would fight. He would fight with all he had but was that what she really needed? Was he what he wanted her to have?
     At the ball he had met her and fallen in love but now he was dead at the hands of a traitor but his twin brother would find out, avenge him and he would protect his angel, his light in the darkness as he did now.
     Napoleon and his war had ruined his family and splintered other’s lives but God’s love and an angel of pure love would lead him to passion, love and to a new life.

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