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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Welcome Eternal Press author, Fiona Law!

Hi Fiona, it's great to welcome a fellow Brit to my site - how are you? From where I'm standing, things seem to be going pretty well for you with three books already published with Eternal Press and undoubtedly more to follow! Looking forward to finding out more about you and your work :)

On with the questions!

1) What is your writing routine?

I have to write in my spare time. I never forgo the chores or cooking because I’ve got a story itching to get out. So, writing time can be spasmodic for me. I’ve worked this system out to cope, though: After breaking down the story into a plotline of many little scenes, I write a scene at a time when I get the time. It’s only a few hundred words a go so if I only have an hour or so I do one scene, if I’ve got the whole morning I write a string of scenes. Sometimes it’s hard to click into writing mode but then I tell myself ‘Write, damn you, write! If it’s rubbish you can always delete it and try again when you sit down to it again.’

But I’ve had a terrible time for writing lately – ever since Christmas I’m really struggling to find time.

2) Which author/s inspire you to write?

Terry Pratchet and Georgette Heyer for their colorful characters and sparkling humor. Geraldine McCaughrean for her eloquence and depth.

3) Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write?

I love reading historical and fantasy romance and it’s the same for writing. When I say fantasy I mean the more recent ‘soft’ fantasy (none of those five kingdoms, four religions, and three currency epics for me!) and my favorite historical periods are from the Neolithic period up to the Regency period.

4) How do you deal with criticism/rejection?

Ha! Very well, I think. I like good, constructive feed-back but I don’t expect everyone to ‘get’ or like my work. My husband and kids won’t read my work – they say it’s not their thing. Other family members gush over my writing. I don’t take it personally when my work is rejected - it’s all business: I’ve offered out some merchandise, if it’s not what they want to put it out, or they don’t ‘get it’, it’s their loss, not mine. I’ll just keep looking until I find someone who does get it. I think one of my main failings is that I write between genres which makes my work difficult to place. So I’ve got a big file of rejections but I’m not bitter about them.

5) What do you expect from an editor?

I expect editors to notice the mistakes I haven’t, to provide advice and criticism and for them to expect the best from me. If they place their trust in me, they believe my work will sell (Finally!), then I want to work with them and make them glad they took me on.

6) Tell me about your latest release

Oswin’s Project is a paranormal comedy. Oswin boards with his cousins in a big old Edwardian terraced house. Gemma, his younger, favourite cousin sees ghosts there but her elder sister, Beryl, says it’s all in her mind. She says Gemma is just neurotic. Oswin, annoyed with Beryl’s dismissive arrogance, decides to prove that ghosts do exist and Gemma’s ghosts are real. A serious ghost hunt ensues and Gemma and Oswin soon discover there is more than one type of paranormal activity in that house – and some are hostile.

7) Tease us with a blurb or short excerpt

Gifted pupil, Oswin boards with his cousins in a spooky Edwardian house. His favorite cousin, Gemma, thinks it may be haunted, but her loud-mouthed, older sister, Beryl, insists that there is no such thing as ghosts! When Beryl talks of having Gemma sectioned under the mental health act, Oswin decides to prove her wrong, to prove that ghosts do exist and that their house is haunted. He builds some nifty gadgets and gets Gemma to keep an accurate recording of her ghostly experiences. Despite Beryl's constant interfering, they begin to gather evidence that there is indeed paranormal activity in the house…

8) Which is your favorite character in the book? Why?

That’s a hard one – I love all those characters. I guess I would pick Beryl, Oswin’s nemesis, because she is the root cause of most of the humor and her obnoxious manner was fun to write. She has a personality disorder but none of the other characters are able to name that.

9) What are you working on right now?

I am writing a paranormal story set in Windsor (England) in the modern times. It’s more daring (sexy) than my previous work. It has strong elements of Paganism and English folk lore in it.

10) Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists?

Writing workshops and residential courses may be expensive but they are worth it while you strive to become published: They helped me a great deal idn gaining techniques and knowledge as well as confidence. Plus they are a great way to network. You have to keep positive, persist and believe in yourself.

11) Where can readers find you?

Eternal Press have my three published novels or you can look on my website for more links to my work and to find out more about me:

Great to have you here, Fiona - Good luck with your future career and sales!


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