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Interview & GIVEAWAY with contemporary romance author, Daisy James...

 Hi, Daisy! Welcome to my blog - wishing you much sales and success with your latest release, SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN. Let's kick off with my questions...

First of all, a huge thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. It’s great to be here and I really enjoyed answering your questions!

1.)                What is the strangest talent you have?

Gosh, I had to think about my answer to this question for a while. I’m not sure if this counts as a strange talent, but one of the ways I like to relax after a hard day hunched over the keyboard is to spend a couple of hours shooting at my archery club. My son also plays so it’s a way of spending some quality time together, although he’s much better than I am. I shoot a recurve bow, but would like to progress to a long bow – much more quirky and interesting – but there’s no sight on a long bow so I’ll stick with my current bow for the time being until I improve my aim. There are regular competitions which are always lots of fun and a chance to meet other enthusiasts, but I’ve yet to win a badge!

2.)                Are the titles of your books important?

Absolutely! I do try very hard to come up with an interesting title, but one which also reflects what the story is about. Sunshine After the Rain is the perfect title for Evie’s story of escaping the frazzled workaholic lifestyle she had grown accustomed to in London and spending some down time on the sunshine beaches of Corfu. My spring book is called There’s Something About Cornwall and follows food photographer Emilie as she undertakes a road trip around the gorgeous county photographing the images for celebrity cookery book writer Lucinda Carlton-Rose. When I was writing the book, I had lots of fun researching the Cornish artisan products that would feature and I came to understand that there really is something fabulous about Cornwall and everything it has to offer the committed foodie.

3.)                If you’re struggling with a scene or difficult character, what methods help you through it?

My favourite way to blow away the cobwebs of creativity is to go for a walk. I’m lucky enough to have a bridle path running along the edge of the estate where I live, so I pull on a jacket and walk until I’ve solved the problem. Sometimes it takes ten minutes and I have to jog back home to get it down on paper before I forget, sometimes I’m out there for the whole afternoon! If the weather is bad, then the next best way is to take to the kitchen and sprinkle some flour and edible glitter. Not only does that distract me from worrying about it, there’s always something delicious to nibble on when I do eventually sit back down at the keyboard.

4.)                Do you prefer dog, cats or none of the above?

I love both. But if I was forced to choose it would be cats. They are so independent, so nonchalant. We don’t have a pet at the moment, but that is going to change as soon as the summer holidays arrive, although there may well be a disagreement over what kind of pet to get!

5.)                Who’s your favourite author? Why?

I don’t have a favourite author as such, but I have a favourite genre. I love reading contemporary women’s fiction and, of course, romcoms, but there’s nothing I like more than to curl up with a good travel memoir.
I love reading about ordinary (and extraordinary) people who have decided to ditch the struggle to six p.m. and make a new life for themselves in far flung corners of the world. I enjoy following the trial and tribulations of intrepid adventurers who have set out on epic journeys across continents, on foot or on a bicycle, on a horse or a canal boat. These people have my deepest admiration for deciding that they need to make changes in their lives and have actually gone ahead and done something about it.
I’ve just finished reading Snowball Oranges by Peter Kerr – what a great title!

6.)                Do you have a pet peeve?

I’m a pretty relaxed person, but if there’s one thing that does upset me it’s if someone is late for an appointment. Ten minutes, no problem; fifteen fine, but anything longer than that, without a reasonable explanation such as traffic issues etc, then it does seem unfair. It’s as though the perpetual late-comer feels that their time is more important than yours, that your life is so dull that you have nothing better to do than sit and wait for them to arrive. I always carry a pen and notebook to scribble in so that tend to reduce any irritation.

7.)                Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning?

No, I don’t really. The only dream I seem to remember with any frequency is one where I’m running up a flight of stairs and never seem to reach the top. I’ve no doubt a psychologist would be able to read something into that, but I’d rather not know!

Blurb: A summer that changes everything…
Frazzled workaholic Evie Johnson has finally had enough! When she’s blamed for a publicity disaster at the art gallery she loves, she decides to flee the bright lights of London for the sun-drenched shores of Corfu and turn her life upside-down.
Under the shade of the olive trees, she picks up her dusty paintbrushes and begins to chase the dreams she had put aside for so long. But she never expected to bump into drop-dead-gorgeous Sam Bradbury – and certainly not whilst wrapped only in a towel!
A summer fling is the last thing Evie wanted but a few stolen kisses under the stars might just begin to change her mind…

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Author Bio:
Daisy James is a Yorkshire girl transplanted to the north east of England. She loves writing stories with strong heroines and swift-flowing plotlines. When not scribbling away in her peppermint-and-green summerhouse (garden shed), she spends her time sifting flour and sprinkling sugar and edible glitter. Her husband and young son were willing samplers of her baking creations which were triple-tested for her debut novel, The Runaway Bridesmaid. She loves gossiping with friends over a glass of something pink and fizzy or indulging in a spot of afternoon tea – china plates and teacups are a must.

Daisy would love to hear from readers via her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter @daisyjamesbooks,

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