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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Welcome fellow RNA member, Julia Wild...

 Hi Julie! It's always lovely to welcome a fellow RNA member to my blog - looking forward to learning more about you and your latest release, MOON SHADOW. Let's start with my questions...

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog; it’s a pleasure to be here.

My name is Julie Vince, I’m currently the RNA’s Hon Secretary and I write as Julia Wild. I won the New Writers’ Award in 1997, with Dark Canvas and what is now known as the Rona Rose in 2003 with Illusions. I’m currently bringing out my backlist on Amazon and Createspace. Moon Shadow was my latest – a new release – that came out in early February 2016.

1.) What is your favourite thing about yourself?
My favourite thing is being a writer. That and my feet – I love my toes when they have nail varnish on and pretty peep-toe shoes!

2.) What do you wish you’d known before you started writing?
I thought long and hard about this question, Rachel. When I began writing, it was 1989 and I was published in 1997, so I’m glad I didn’t know how long it would take! I think, like life, sometimes it’s better not to know things before you embark on a life-changing love like writing – ignorance is bliss. 

3.) Share a romantic moment in your life.
I met my husband-to-be whilst waiting for my boyfriend of five years on Saturday lunchtime in the Gloucester Arms, Gloucester Place in 1979. I knew I’d marry him as soon as he spoke to me. 

4.) Is there one subject you’d never write about as an author? What is it?
There are some subjects that are so dark and upsetting that I would rather avoid them. The top of that list would be the ill-treatment and abuse of a child.

5.) Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?
In my opinion, one of the best tips I have ever had is that if you are struggling with your work in progress, reading it aloud shows up the lumps and bumps in your writing. This tip also helps unnatural dialogue to show up clearly.

6.) If you could be the original author for any book, what would it be? Why?
My favourite book of all time is called Simply Heaven by Serena Mackesy. It embodies everything I love to read – intense romance, elements of a thriller, comedy, truly awful relatives, a gorgeous hero and wondrously flawed heroine. The pace of the book is exciting, and whenever I need inspiration, I pick it up to remind me what I want to achieve in my own writing. I have read this book more times than any other – and it still gives me a thrill.

7.) What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
When I was very little, my Mum caught me wiping a worm on the back door mat. ‘What are you doing?’ she asked. ‘Wiping his feet before I bring him in to play.’ Said I! You can imagine the rest, but I think my Mum found it funny really. 
We lived near a spot called Luzley Brook, near Manchester. There were trees beside the brook that ran from a rope-works. I was lucky enough to grow up when all the neighbours knew one another and the only warning given before escaping out of the back door to go and ‘play out’ was: don’t take sweets from strangers and don’t talk to strangers. I charged out one day to run around and climb trees – wearing a skirt of all things. I fell out of the tree, saved by the skirt – but had to dangle on the end of a branch until the skirt ripped and deposited me on the grass below! I was so worried about what my Mum & Dad would say, but again, they looked more amused than cross. I just thought I would be in a lot of trouble.

8.) If I came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for me? Why?

I’d ask you what you enjoy eating the most. If you said ‘anything,’ then I’d make meat and potato pie. It’s a family favourite – we slow cook the meat and onions for around 24-36 hours, then mix the meat with diced potatoes with a dash of Worcester sauce, gravy browning and return it to the oven after adding an egg-glazed topping of shortcrust pastry.  Our youngsters have left home now, but when we do a pie – we always send a message out to the family, so they can join us!
Thank you again, Rachel for inviting me onto your blog. All the very best, Julie

‘You’ll destroy me if I let you…’

Ellie Morrison is an actress by trade, so what’s she doing on a ranch in Montana posing as a housekeeper and investigating the murky past of its good-looking owner Declan Kelloway? And why does she find herself attracted to her new boss? After all, she has a perfectly satisfactory man in her life. And Declan is just part of her job, isn’t he?

Julia Wild Short Author Bio

A member of the Romantic Novelists Association since the 1990s, I came through the New Writers Scheme to win the New Writers Award (now known as the Joan Hessayon award) with Dark Canvas, my first book.
I am married and live in Bedfordshire and have three fantastic children – all grown up now – but all still very much part of my life.

I worked in the local mobile Housebound library for nine wonderful years, and then was re-deployed to a local library until 2014. When the huge cutbacks came, I took redundancy and am taking some time to be self-employed, doing what I love best – escaping into the writing world.
Illusions won the RNA’s Romance Prize in 2003 (Now the Rona Rose)

Other books I’ve written are:
Dark Canvas
Blue Silk Promise
Soul Whispers
New release – Moon Shadow (Feb 2016

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