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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Summer is on its way...time to catch up with the Cove!

Apparently summer should be on its way this week, but for me it’s back to getting the work in progress finished. Well, the first draft, at least. This will be book seven in my Harlequin Superromance Templeton Cove series.

It has always been a writing goal of mine to write a series – having loved Nora Roberts’, Robyn Carr’s and Jill Shalvis’ series. I loved the idea of revisiting the same town and creating a cast of characters with whom I can pick and choose how much page space I give them. Having said that, in reality, it’s the characters who choose how much space they’ll have rather than me!

The latest book in the series (and available to buy now!) is Her Hometown Redemption. This is Tanya and Liam’s reunion story. A contemporary romance with a hint of suspense, I loved writing this book because it gave me a great starting place to mix the bad with the good…but there is also lots of laughter and fun. The blend of these things inspired my imagination.

All the books in the Templeton Cove series can be read as stand alone and as I continue to write, there are still at least three secondary characters who have appeared in the other books (Finding Justice, A Man Like Him, What Belongs and Christmas at The Cove), who I think deserve their own happy ever after.

Do you have a favorite series? A childhood memory that you would love to one day use as the backdrop for a story?

Blurb & Excerpt from Her Hometown Redemption – Harlequin Superromance

She's back to right her wrongs 

When Tanya Todd returns to Templeton Cove, she knows better than to expect a warm welcome. She burned a few bridges on her way out of town, and making amends won't be easy. First on her list is the man whose heart she carelessly shattered, Liam Browne. 

Seeing the successful criminal lawyer after all these years, Tanya is interested in more than just Liam's forgiveness. As they work together to bring the man who hurt her sister to justice, the attraction between them sizzles. Suddenly Tanya's second chance could include a future with Liam…if she can prove she's changed.


Hitching her bag onto her shoulder, Tanya pulled back her shoulders and approached Liam, trepidation ricocheting through her. What choice did she have but to talk to him? If she walked out without a word, things would only be harder the next time they met––and there would most definitely be a next time. There was always a next time in a place as small as Templeton.
His shoulders straightened beneath his crisp, white shirt as she neared. The music seemed to grow in volume, the beat matching her footsteps and the banging of her heart. When she was a safe distance away from him, Tanya stopped. “Hi.”
His crystal blue gaze bored into hers, his jaw tight and his mouth a thin line. The burning stares of the other patrons pricked at her skin, making her want to turn and face each of them down.
When it was clear Liam had nothing to say to her, Tanya inhaled. “Right, well, I guess I’ll see you around then.”
She halted with her back to him. Let me go, Liam. Please. She briefly closed her eyes, before opening them and facing him. “What?”
“Why don’t you join me?” He waved toward the empty seat at his table. “It’s…good to see you.”
Tanya glanced at the seat, at him and then around the restaurant. Familiar faces swam in front of her. Faces she remembered from a different life, a different time. Kevin and Nick. Bianca and Ella. All people she should’ve known would still be here. People who thought they knew her and her mother, but never really knew or understood them at all.

Book 6 in the Templeton Cove Stories, Saved By The Firefighter is released November 2016.

Happy Reading!
Rachel x

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