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Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Monthly Book Review...That Woman by Anne Sebba

Good morning, lovely readers!

I, like most writers, read widely across many genres. From all sub-genres to romance, I also enjoy crime, sagas, historicals and biographies.

The latest biography I read was about Wallis Simpson, famed lover turned wife of the former King Edward VIII of England. Having always been fascinated by their relationship and, ultimately, his abdication, I looked forward to reading more about the woman a former king loved so much, he was willing to give up his throne.

That Woman by Anne Sebba spans from Wallis' childhood through her teenage years, young womanhood, to meeting Edward and their strenuous battle to be together and be recognised as a royal couple. Leading on eventually through to their exile and following deaths.

It is an in-depth, yet easy to read account of public opinion and the occasional opinion of the author. I enjoyed learning more about both Wallis and Edward, but still felt there was parts of their many years together missing. Is that the author's failing? I believe not. How could anyone, even someone meticulous in their research, ever really know what went on behind closed doors and during a couple's most intimate conversations?

All in all, I recommend That Woman to anyone interested in learning more about one of the most icon women in British history but you may, like me, still finish the book unsure how you feel about the infamous Mrs. Simpson...

Four stars!

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