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Saturday, 13 June 2015

My best romantic Time Out…

I am lucky enough to be married to a very romantic man (not that he realises it!) and my wonderful Mr B has done many romantic things for me over our 22 years together.

If I have to pick one that will never, ever leave my memory for as long as I live was when I mentioned that my favourite author, Nora Roberts, was coming to Ireland to do a book signing. I was desperate and this would most likely be the closest she ever came to visit.

Within 6 hours of telling my husband, he had booked a flight to Ireland and also a night at the fabulous hotel where Nora was signing and staying. Ashford Castle is the most amazingly romantic, beautiful place I have ever seen, and certainly stayed. I truly didn’t want to leave… sigh

I not only got a book signed by Nora and talked to her about my own writing, but enjoyed an afternoon tea, listened as Nora gave a fabulous interview with her UK editor AND a hello from her later on in the hotel bar. I was in heaven! On top of all this, my husband and I were upgraded to one of their best rooms…it was phenomenal.

Without doubt, a romantic Time Out!

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