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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Why I love...Nora Roberts!

If you read romance, any romance, the likelihood is you heard of Nora Roberts. She is the undisputed queen of romance in the States and makes a pretty good dent in the market here in the UK too.

Nora is now a huge inspiration to me - not just because of the fantastic books she writes, but also how prolifically she writes. She has written well over 100 novels and still going strong by producing at least two or three books per year.

How I found Nora is a story in itself.

In 2005 I attended the awesome Hay Literary Festival. If you haven't visited the gorgeous town of Hay on Wye in Wales - book a date this year! The festival is in May, but all year Hay is a bibliophile's paradise. I doubt you will find so many books in the same size area anywhere else. Shops, stalls and streets literally teeming with books. Heaven!

I was browsing around one of these shops and the cover of a book caught my eye - the title? Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. Like most avid readers, I like to try a new-to-me author every now and then, this was one of those such times. I picked up the book and walked downstairs to browse another floor of the shop. I picked up a second new-to-me author...J D Robb...

It wasn't until I got home and searched these authors that I realise they were one and the same - Nora Roberts is also J D Robb! Destiny? Me thinks so :D

I haven't stopped reading Nora/J D Robb since and estimate that I have read over 60 of her books...and still have plenty to go.

To name my favourites would be a hard task but a few of the many that stick in my mind are Montana Sky, The Witness and, of course, Sea Swept. As for J D Robb? You do not want to miss the In Death series...Roarke is arguably the best romance hero ever written!

Great characters, great stories, great suspense and a lovely lady - that's why I love Nora Roberts!

Rachel x

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