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Saturday, 4 April 2015

One Lovely Blog Hop...

I've been invited by the wonderful Julia Ibbotson to join in the Lovely Blog Hop. The blog hop is intended to let you in on a few of the lesser-known things about my life that have helped make me who I am. 

You'll find some links to other blogs and writers I like. The writers have all agreed to take part hopping and blogging and being lovely!
First Memory 

This is a difficult one because I have quite a few memories of around the age of two or three. I suppose my most vivid is arriving at playschool for the first time and thinking everything looked huge and exciting. It was a wooden slide/climbing frame that caught my attention the most…and where I spent most of the playschool hours!


The books that had the biggest and most lasting impression on me were Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series. Once I read these books, I wanted to write a book of my own…as well as setting up several different clubs with my friends where I made badges, passwords, mysteries and prizes. I was a real tomboy growing up and loved getting up to adventures and mischief J

My shelves are groaning with books plus the hundreds I have boxed in the attic. I am a complete bibliophile and despite having hundreds of unread books, I continue to buy them. I resisted the Kindle for a long time, but now use it as my fail safe whenever I am out and about. Stupidly, I still tend to take paperbacks on holiday though…just so I can make a dent in my collection while I’m away!

Currently I’m reading Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult & For The Love of a Fireman by Vonnie Davis.


Libraries are where my passion for books and the written word began. I was borrowing a regular amount of books by the time I was five or six and continued to do so for years. I am guilty of buying rather than borrowing nowadays which is not good because I would hate to see our local library close. I must remedy my reading habits!

Bookshops are as lethal to me as chocolate to other women, lol! Once I go step over the threshold, there is no controlling me. I am yet to go into a bookshop without buying a book…

What’s Your Passion?

Apart from reading and writing?? I can honestly say, I am not entirely sure. Apart from my family and friends, writing is the next most important thing to me. I am my happiest and most peaceful when I’m writing.

I also love to travel – I am looking forward to when my kids are older and my husband and I can take ourselves off around the world without worrying if they’re bored or fed up!


My favourite subjects at school were English and History. I tend to read as much historical non-fiction as I do fiction and hungry to learn more. I am thinking about embarking on a History Open University degree, but just don’t have the time to commit myself at the moment.

I hope that changes in the not too distance future and I can indulge in my love of history, guilt free!


My first book was published in 2007 and I haven’t looked back since. I have just finished my 16th novel and writing the next one. Very soon, I will drawing up a proposal for novels 18 and 19. I love being busy and a total workaholic J

Having wanted to write since I was around eight or nine, I am truly living a lifelong dream and hope that one day I will be earning enough money to travel the world, whilst writing on the deck of a cruise ship. Bliss!
All my books are available online – have a trawl through the books page on my website to see if any take your fancy!

I nominate the following friend to take up the baton in the lovely blog hop:

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