Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Well, here it is! 2015 is upon us with twelve whole months ahead to fulfil our hopes and dreams :)

For me, the New Year brings a chance to reevaluate and decide what I'd like to achieve over the coming months. Making goals isn't for everyone but I love to write down what I want to do/change/aspire to as a way of keeping me focused. I know if I only think about these things and not make a record of them, I won't hold myself accountable for veering off course...both personally and professionally.

Last year, my professional goals were pretty straight forward in that I had signed two contracts with two different publishers which meant I had to hand in four full-length manuscripts by June 2015. It was enough of an aspiration to believe I could get this done, lol!

I am happy to say I am halfway through the first draft of the fourth and final book as we speak, so unless things go horribly wrong in my life (please, God, no), I cannot see any reason for me to fail delivery of this goal.

Personally, I wanted to start having more fun and relaxing. I, at least, started this process and spent more time with my family and less time at the laptop, as well as booking regular 'me time' for a massage and pamper at the local spa. Heaven!

Sooo, 2015...

Work wise, I have three very clear goals:

1) To renew my contract with Harlequin Superromance because I am not quite ready to leave Templeton Cove yet.
2) To contract at least one single title romantic suspense.
3) To contract at least one new historical novel. This is the one I am the most nervous about. I am considering leaving the Victorian romance sub-genre to try something new.  I want to write either a romance or women's fiction novel in the Georgian or Edwardian era. I just need to decide whether I want to go backwards or forwards!


I am determined to start working 8.30am-5.30pm during the week only. At the moment, I tend to work 8.30am-7pm as well as a lot of hours during the weekend. I suppose this isn't unlike last year's personal goal but I know my health and family will thank me for it in the long run!

Writing, for me, is a compulsion - something I HAVE to do or I am miserable. To work less hours when I don't have a boss to answer to might not sound a hard thing to achieve but believe me, it is!

So there you are - my goals. I'd love to hear some of yours...

Wishing you all the best, lovely readers!

Rachel xx

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